My Daily Choice Scam – Astonishing!!!

my-daily-choice-mainName:My Daily Choice
Founders:Josh Zwagil & Jenna Zwagil

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What is My Daily Choice?

Wondering what is My Daily Choice? Would you like to know if My Daily Choice is a scam?

My Daily Choice is a multi-level marketing company in the health and wellness niche.

The company offers a wide range of health-related products created with Deer Antler Velvet, their core ingredient. The claim is these products can reverse aging and improve a wide range of health issues.

Besides the product line, there’s also a business opportunity for anyone interested in promoting these products as an independent distributor.

Business partners will be able to earn cash from several different methods which we’ll discuss later on in this article.

Is My Daily Choice a Scam?

I can’t say for certain this company is a scam but it is dangerously close to scam territory.

Before we talk about the business opportunity and cons of joining this business, let’s take a look at their product-line.

Below are the products you’ll be promoting as a member.

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The Products:

My Daily Choice has four health and wellness products and two other products related to discounts.

The following are the health products:

  • Sprays
  • Brain Bears
  • HempWorx
  • Brain Fuel Plus

The Discount Products:

  • Cash Back on Travel
  • Daily Savings

Let’s take a closer look at the products.


Instead of taking the pill route, My Daily Choice created a wide range of sprays that you can spray onto your skin that absorb into the bloodstream.

The reason to create sprays was because a lot of people – especially the elderly – struggle to swallow their pills. Sprays make it easier for them to get the medicine.

Most of the sprays from My Daily Choice include their flagship ingredient Deer Antler Velvet, a controversial alternative medicine.

Deer Antler Velvet is the substance found in deer that grows into the impressive antlers we find on deer around the world.

The substance has been used in traditional medicine to cure a wide range of ailments, though no conclusive study has shown any link between the two.

From the looks of it, Deer Antler Velvet is surrounded in a lot of pseudoscience and unproven claims.

Currently My Daily Choice has five types of sprays: Peak, Shield, Boost, Sleep, and Trim365.

Each of these sprays contains various “super food ingredients” designed for a specific purpose.

The following are some of the super foods included in these sprays: Vitamins, Glycerin, Valerian Root, Stevia Leaves, Noni, Resveratrol, Maqui Berry, Raspberries, and much more.

In short, the idea is to create a spray with a combination of various ingredients to provide your body with a boost of vitamins and minerals.


Brain Bears:

Brain Bears drug-free health supplements for kids designed as gummy-bears. These gummy bears are delicious and contain a lot natural ingredients, supposedly boosting kid’s immune systems.


HempWorx is My Daily Choice’s category for their hemp-oil products. These oils do not contain THC and they’re legal in all fifty states.

There are four Hempworx products; Herbal Drops, Renew, Revive Cream, and Pain Relief Plus. These creams are supposed to reverse aging and promote healthy skin and complexion.

Brain Fuel Plus:

Brain Fuel Plus are capsules to promote mental health and clarity. These capsules contain a cocktail of ingredients which are rumoured to promote mental health. The slogan is, “Brain Fuel unlocks your brain’s full potential; work smarter, not harder.”

Can You Really Make Money From My Daily Choice?

Though the MDC’s products are questionable, there’s a reason the company has been gaining so much attention; their business opportunity.

MDC claims their business opportunity is unlike anything out there, which is untrue because I reviewed many similar businesses and I can honestly say they’re almost identical.

However MDC does include some unique twists that make this opportunity stand out from other multi-level marketing businesses.

MDC operates on a multi-level marketing system. Members join as distributors and earn cash by buying the products at retail prices and pocketing the difference. There are also several rewards and other methods to earn cash.

The core way to earn from the company is by selling their products and building a team. You can buy the products at 25% retail price. When you have a team, a percentage of your team’s earnings will be added to your account.

Besides selling the main products, there are seven other ways to earn some bonuses.

  1. Jump Start Bonuses
  2. Binary Team Commissions
  3. Leadership Check Matching
  4. Global Bonus Pool
  5. Rank Incentives and Bonuses
  6. VIP Auto Club
  7. Elite Expense Accounts

To get started, members will need to purchase at least one of the product packages. The entry-level package is called “Spray Builder Pack” and it costs $69.95/month + 20$ one time activation fee.

This package provides you with a website, three sprays, promotional material, access to members only area, and unlocks affiliate access to all products.

At least with MDC you don’t have to buy the products you want to promote – one membership unlocks access to all of them.

When you buy more packages or earn more Business Volume you’ll qualify for a higher rank which will provide you with more benefits and a higher commission rate.

The MDC compensation plan claims that everyone has the potential to earn over $1,000,000 a month. That doesn’t sound accurate to me.

This program has led me and thousands of people make a Life Changing income online. Find out how you can too!

Why 95% of People who Join MDC Fail?

Like most multi-level marketing opportunities, the vast majority of people who join MDC will drop out in the first couple of months.

Why do most people fail with this business?

Well, there are several reasons. For starters, most people don’t have the marketing skills to move so enough products to earn any reasonable commissions.

The company wants you to market to your friends and family members but there are only so many people we know in a given area. Not to mention that’s an excellent way to alienate your friends!

You’re told to build a team but not how to build a team. Most people who join this opportunities have no idea how to market products much less build a marketing team.

I don’t doubt if you have the connections and skills to move a lot of the products you can make decent cash. But if you’re a small time marketer with few connections, it will be quite difficult.

The health claims are also questionable. There’s no solid evidence that Deer Velvet improves your health. It’s alternative medicine based on pseudoscience.

Sure, the products do contain natural ingredients, but the health benefits are slightly exaggerated.

The products are expensive. Few people want to spend hundreds of dollars on health supplements when the real-life fruits and vegetables are much more effective.

For example, one spray costs around $30 a bottle. Most health supplements are very lightly regulated as well.

My Sincere Advice to You

Though the commission rates and income potential is not bad, the health products are a bit expensive and difficult for the average person to sell.

I also felt a little overwhelmed with all the different income paths and technical details. It feels unnecessary complicated.

Generally, this business is not for people who are not ready to be a salesperson, not definitely not for people who are not ready to face rejection.

If you are ready to accept the challenge, I congratulate you and sincerely wish that you will succeed.

However, if you think My Daily Choice is not a business for you, don’t give up hope yet.

I happen to be just like you several years ago.

Though I didn’t become success through MLM, I found my success with the help of this program.

This program is what got me to where I am today, and I hope that you can benefit from it too.

Thank you for reading this review!

If you find this review useful, please, feel free to share it on your social networks.

If you’d like to discuss more about My Daily Choice, please leave a comment below.

Your pal,



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Adam - Reply

Two super affiliates, Chris Record and Ricky Mataka are promoting Hemp Works through a training membership site. Its called the 90 Day CBD Challenge and explained how you can start earning commissions with them.

    mary mays - Reply

    you are so off base on this company, it is very sad. obviously the CBD oils are the main products. they are organic and non GMO. Deer Antler while in one of the sprays isn’t the main product. BTW. Athletes use Deer Antler to enhance their experience. I have compared this with other companies and this compensation if way above all others. No claims about how the oils are helping people gets posted without disclaimers. .

Shaun - Reply

These sprays are about as legit as his previous venture. The xft fuel additive.
Plenty of people lost money on that, and plenty will lose out on mydailychoice.

Annnoymus - Reply

This company is biggest scam I have ever seen I was customer service call rep since the beginning I most likely won’t even see my last pay …they let us train our replacements then let us all go with no warning …josh and jenna probably the biggest crooks I have ever seen in my life I won’t put it out there but if only the affiliates /customers knew people are so blind please start to see this company is an example of 666 BC the founders the CEOs they are sitting at the top the pyramid laughing at every single one of you

    Annoymus - Reply

    This person is 100% correct! I worked inside their LV my daily choice very close with Josh and Jenna! Jenna wears the pants she’s pure evil! She isn’t even allowed to be working in house and be an affiliate! But she can do no wrong in her eyes! She makes fun of people and degrades everyone! She talks down to everyone and brags about all her money ( double dipping as owner and affiliate illegal) not to mention they are high 24\7 ! Jenna doesn’t even raise her kids! She was over them being brats s now they are with their dad and she’s a weekend mom josh is a pussy whipped man boy that is spineless and is laundering money through several company names and off shore acts! Be aware!

Robert - Reply

MDC is using the exact same binary plan that the bitcoin scam Gladiacoin was using in 2017 the up line can look at the down line and place people to their advantage on paying on the lower volume leg. As long as people were coming in it apeard to be paying out of course Gladiacoin closed up and ran off with everyone’s bitcoin in June 2017.

This MDC is just another MLM with over priced products to support the the binary marking scheme stay away from it.
I get a pure CBD oil 3 times the strength of Hempworx 2 oz for $ 40.00
and is 100% canabis Sativa full spectrum 3 drops has 100 mg it takes 20 drops of 750 mg HempWorx to get 15 mg a 1 oz bottle is $78.00
Do the math !!!!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Robert!

    The Binary Plan has been around for a very long time. If a business is using that plan, it doesn’t mean that it is a scam. There are just some occurrence that people use this binary system for unscrupulous stuff.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      Zee Parker - Reply

      Hey there… uh, just exactly WHERE , are you getting cleanly produced “full spectrum” Cannabidiol, that is made from The Whole Hemp Plant…because if it is NOT produced with the CO2 extraction method., you , my friend, are either a distributor, or, you are in , what we Medical Professionals call, “The Placebo Effect”…..
      I live in KANSAS! Nothing is legal here!!! So, if you are actually getting, “Thr Real Thing”, for $40, for a month’s supply of CBD, that you say, is MORE out 🇺🇸potent than the CBD from MDC/HEMPWORX, I want to know where you are getting it, who makes it, and is it something that can be ordered online! I mean, c’mon, man, you can’t say crap like that… on THIS PLATFORM, without backing it up, with at least one good resource! So, please provide it!
      -Zee Parker, MSN, RN, CERN, Former University of Kansas Hospital Emergency Department, Level-1 Trauma Coordinator, and Veteran Naval Medivac Flight Nurse,

      -Disabled, Retired!

    Charmaine Haller - Reply

    Can you tell me where you get yours? This is VERY expensive!

Veronika - Reply

I purchased the product at the time I was really sick and had some side effects. I returned the product a few weeks passed and no credit I called to find out when encredit would show up. They informed me that I had passed the 30 day allowed for the refund. I said no problem please return the bottle it was full I offered to pay for the shipping they refused. Terrible customer service, the product is not cheap. I was very disappointed.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    So sorry that you have to experience this Veronika, and thanks for sharing your experience here.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

D Moe - Reply

Jack, there appears to be a lot of people getting mdc confused with Daily Choice. They are not the same. My Daily Choice has no free “trial” bottles. Looks like Daily Choice is on the take.
Hempworx is not hemp seed oil. The process uses the entire plant and uses no chemicals to extract the oil. Say what you want but the product works!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing this D Moe!

Sylvia McGowan - Reply

I have been with My Daily Choice as an affiliate since January 2018. Superb products. I am not a professional marketer by any means, but by sharing my experience with others, I have no problem selling CBD online. This is the best MLM company I have ever seen, and with business doubling/tripling every month, the product speaks for itself. It is word of mouth. I also use the sprays myself, and the Sleep one works awesome. Jack, if you’re an expert in internet marketing, you really need to check out this company yourself. Some of our top earners earn 6 figures every month. I’m getting there. It’s not so much the money, but the fact that I am able to help people with these products. HempWorx CBD especially.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience Sylvia, and congrats to your success!

    Knowing that there are so many competition in this industry, and most of their products work as well, I wish to stay independent of my findings and not promote any products related to CBD.

    I do wish you wish you all the best to achieving the top earners position in the HempWorx. 🙂

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Dr. Charles Dudley - Reply

I live in the Dallas, TX area and have attended several health conventions and expos where several CBD oil vendors have been represented, including HempWorx. The #1 issue I have with the company is that their comp plan is a binary. Huge red flag, as most binaries don’t payout fully to distributors, which benefits the company, but not the distributor. On the flip side, if the binary commissions were actually fully paid out, the company would go bankrupt, or the federal government would force them to change their comp plan (i.e. MonaVie and Vemma). Either way, bad for distributors. Finally, when you review their product specifically, the first ingredient (the most prevalent) is hemp SEED oil. There is NO CBD in hemp SEED oil. The great thing is that CBD works, and there are many products in this emerging market that can help. Some products are purer and better made than others. My personal recommendation is the CBD-Rich Hemp Oil from FirstFitness Nutrition, a 28-year old, Dallas-based wellness and weight loss company, that has developed a 100% pure CBD-Rich Hemp Oil product that provides 25mg of CBD per serving. I retail this everyday with no issues, and you can earn up to 40% retail profit or discount. Our product has 2 ingredients and comp plan has stood the test of time, paying out 60%. If interested, check out First Fitness Nutrition and feel free to contact me if your interested in the product or questions about a great opportunity. Thank you for your article.

Andrea Vespalec - Reply

Hi all.
I have been reading all the reviews on MDC and becoming a paid affiliate for MDC/hempworx I am an affiliate with CTFO and you can join for free you don’t have to purchase a starter kit to start up your business there is no fee to have your own Website either this is a CBD Oil / Health and nutritional product skin care line great compensation pay too the requirement to get commission is you have to have a purchase of ,,,,,$47.00 purchase and put it on Auto Ship to be in the Matrix pay level our products are a little more pricy than our competitors but at least you don’t have to purchase your own kit or
pay an additional fee to get your business going It’s free to start if you would like to the CTFO business opportunity you can check this out.

also their customer service is awesome! Sorry if I hijacked this review I just want you all to know that there’s other free business opportunities out there.
Best Regards,


Monica - Reply

This is just my opinion, but, after reading ALL the reviews listed on this site, who is to say that the “positive” reviews aren’t reviews posted by people directly involved with MDC? It’s not like this site asks for much info when posting a comment, except, name & email. After reading through each and every review, all of the positive reviews basically say the same thing, in one way or another. Most of them state that they didn’t have a review for their “sprays”, but their CBD products “work great”! Then they proceed to explain how they have helped them with sleep, anxiety, pain, etc.
Like I said, this is just my opinion, based on the reviews I just read!

Has anyone else, reading these reviews, agree? Just curious!!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for starting this dialogue Monica! I will update you when someone replies to this.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Jen Thackery - Reply

I have been with My Daily Choice for 4 months now. I have friends who got in the company at the beginning. Their sprays do not impress me, however, their CBD oil is phenomenal. I have never been in a company with such an effective product. I get to read or listen to testimonials DAILY from people that have either bought the product or I have given the oil to (they all become customers) There is absolutely nothing scammy with the comp plan. I made 10K my first 3 months (disclaimer, I am an independent affiliate and income depends on your own passion, drive, work ethics and sales skills) There are MANY… in hundreds of people ranking at 5k, 10K, 25k, 50k sales volume monthly and even a few at 100k, 250K and 500k. So it is NOT just the people at the top. I ranked 10k within 12 weeks. You absolutely can make up to 1 million a month. Will most? Of course not…but for the huge builders with thousands coming in, it is plausible. The product is effective enough. I am not friends with Josh or Jenna or anyone at the top really….but I have definitely made many friends in the company that I feel are high integrity people. I have seen far too many companies that others have been in, shut down. MDC is solid. No pyramid scheme here, folks. They are quite willing to send out replacement products if there is ANY issue…..and there is a full 100% 30 day money back gaurantee on all products. I have no idea what others were posting about with trials and cc charges. MDC is legit and above board. Join with confidence. Sure you have to work! There is no free ride….but with one of the purest and most effective products out there, (and the oil has helped so many of my animals too…dogs and horses) it is easier than most.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience with HempWorx Jen!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Eric - Reply

I have also tried the product and was going to use the product until recently. The Hempworx CBD oil is real and is one out the best out there. The problem is with My Daily Choice and Hempworx itself. It is the CEO and most of their affiliates are unprofessional. Some things they have said and done puts the term dirtbag to a new low. There is also another company out there that resources their hemp from the same farms and offers the same exact CBD oil for less money. Why pay more and support some scumbags. I am not perfect by no means. I do have integrity, I run my company with integrity, and I am here to help people not scam them.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for sharing your views.

    Can you please share the other company that buys the same hemp from HempWorx’s supplier?

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      Walter Henriques - Reply


      Seems you’re in with the company and seriously need to save it. Seriously, why are you making a comment here when these guys know what they are talking about. I got ripped off. Yes….money taken out of my account and no product. And to make it worse..the wrong product was sent. Now I ask you, with that being my initial experience, what can you do to instruct me how to earn that amount of passive income such as you!

      Walter Henriques

        Jack Cao - Reply

        I am glad that you are sharing your experience here with regards to My Daily Choice. I hope that you can contact the MDC support here to let them know about your issue, hopefully they will help you out.

        In regards to earning money online, it is not as easy as telling you to join some program and expect results to come.

        It’s a business, and there is going to be a lot of obstacles, and many people won’t follow through with it.

        If you are someone who is serious about building a successful online business, then I can help, but if you are here just to expect earnings without putting in much effort, then I have nothing for you.

        You can contact me on Facebook and we can chat further if you are serious.

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Walter Henriques - Reply


    Can you please share that other companies name or website, etc.


    Walter Henriques

      John - Reply

      Walter, he can’t because that company doesnt exist. Ive seen multiple statements from GenCanna and they have stated the only network marketing company they are doing business with is Hempworx.

Tammy - Reply

There will always be a skeptic and people that can not do MLM. I have to say I purchased the CBD oil from Hempworx and said what the heck I will upgrade for a mere $20. If it didnt work out I could return my oil and I would only be out $20. Within the first day on the Hempworx oil I slept the entire night for the first time in years. I suffer with PTSD, anxiety, menopause and sleep issues. Now months later I am still in love with this product as it has changed my life forever. As far as the business side. You sign up, are given some amazing tutorials and videos to watch which were very helpful. You are basically sharing a link and educating those who are interested. There are many Hempworx groups which you can be made aware of that guide you and offer support and education form. I personally coach and mentor anyone who signs on my team, even if it is someone I do not know, I reach out and offer them my support. The money aspect is amazing, I get fast start bonuses for each order that is placed that is paid out weekly as well as a monthly commission. If you are in to something to make a lot of money you do what it takes to figure it out and learn, I am not limited to my friends and family because I network and meet new people every day. Always working to help people everyday!!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Great to hear your experience with Hempworx! I am Glad that it worked out well for you.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Brad Duncan - Reply

Although the products are a little more expensive ( due to carriage)I found the quality and the fact that you can get a THC free product absolutely brilliant for my sun damaged skin. The Drops have helped with my cholesterol raising the count on good cholesterol . I see no problem with this company

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience Brad!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

katrina - Reply

I am a massage therapist for 18 yrs I have tried and used many products to help my clients family and friends through the years I can honestly say this product is amazing and has helped far beyond the grocery store cbd oil products. The quality is seen in the results! I also have felt the results and my clients are eager to use the product and more people come on board to purchase and use hempworx each day. Money back guarantee its worth every penny

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the product Katrina!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Gary - Reply

Yes, hempworx oil DOES contain a small amount of THC. I just read the lab reports you linked to in your article about them. How about some consistency from article to article?

This is one common complaint about hempworx: incorrect information from distributors. Some people have lost their jobs because they were assured by Hempworx salespeople that there was no THC, then they failed a drug test.

If I can find these inconsistencies in your articles in just a couple minutes, why can’t you research and correct them before publishing?

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for highlighting that the allowable THC in Hemp products is 0.3% on the Hempworx review – a typo error on my end.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      Stephanie - Reply

      Hempworx does carry THC .03% and THC free. If the wrong product was purchased then that would not fall on Hempworx. I am also a Hempworx distributor and I make sure to let my customers know which product to purchase. When I get the email I make sure its the right product as well. If it was the wrong one and I know the customer wants to make sure its THC free I make sure to let them know they purchased the wrong one. I then walk them through sending an email to customer service and tell them to swap the product. Then I call customer service to make sure it was done. I then tell my customer when they receive the product to message me and I have them check it and then follow through with their serving directions. I have been doing this for a few months now and I am loving it! Is it work? Absolutely! So if people dont succeed or give up thats on them.

        Jack Cao - Reply

        Amazing to have someone doing proper work like you Stephanie!

        Thanks for sharing and I know you are going to help a lot of people!

        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Kevin - Reply

    Hempworx offers both full spectrum with .3% THC legal limit and THC free comes in natursl flavor and peppermint.

Erica - Reply

I went to grade school with Jenna. She was a bit of a troubled kid and went on to the military and ended up running a series of pyramid schemes. Stay away from her and any company she runs. It’s a scam. She’s been doing it for the better part of the last decade. It doesn’t take a psychologist to watch her videos and realize she’s a clinical narcissist and a manipulator.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Erica,

    Thanks for your comment!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Matthew Jones - Reply

Im not sure about their other companies, but hempworx has some of the best quality cbd I’ve ever had. Doesn’t seem like a scam to me. If people dont work hard with it they wont get results though, like anything else. Again, all I know is that hempworx is legitimate top tier stuff

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I agree with you Matthew! I don’t think HempWorx is a scam. I have done an extensive research in this HempWorx Review, and I think that people just have the stigma of MLM in mind, that’s why that call every MLM companies a scam.

    HempWorx does sell some good quality Hemp Oil as compared to many brands that are sold off the shelves.

    However, though the products are great, the business opportunity is not suitable for everyone. I’ve mentioned those qualities in the HempWorx Review as well.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Gail - Reply

Love this stuff!! Been in depression and chronic pain for 30 yeats!! I feel like a new woman!!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your input Gail!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Rachel D - Reply

I too use Hempworx CBD oil and it has done wonders for me! I have crohn’s disease (34 yrs) and have been fighting a horseshoe infection since March 2016. Started using their product in Sept. 2017 and I went from 3 1/2 – 4 1/2 hrs of sleep per night to 6-7 hrs, my inflammation markers are down and bloodwork levels near normal (per my GI Doctor). I had extreme hip pain believed to be from the remicade infusions but now little to no hip pain. No anxiety, stress levels are down as well. I take no pain meds now at all, just 6-8 drops of the 750mg cbd oil under my tongue twice per day. I tried other brands that review sites claim to be better but they didn’t work for me as well as Hempworx. I say MLM company or not, I love this product!!!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing your side of the story Rachel!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Eugene Baker - Reply

I can’say they are complete scam but I highly question their ethics concerning customer communication . They sent a trial bottle of their hemp oil and before I could could possibly determine it’s effectiveness… they took $156.00 for 2 more bottles & drained my account. When I called all I got was a runaround, price discounts, and had not even received any product except for the first bottle. The call was taken by a very rude young man and when I complained and asked for my money back. He just hung up! I called a pleasant young lady and again tried to explain my problem…the line started static so bad I could not hear her any longer so I hung up in disgust. At this date it remains in Pay Pals hands to solve. Thanks for the forum. Eugene

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your sharing your story Eugene!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Cheryl Skinnell - Reply

    This company doesn’t offer trial bottles. Nor can you purchase with PayPal. I think you got scammed from another company, not Mydailychoice/Hempworx

      Carol Larrimore - Reply

      Correction to the trial sizes! And pay pal. There are many MDC folks selling on eBay and store fronts. The independent Affiliates are purchasing wholesale packages from hemp work or mydailychoice and putting them online and setting up their PayPal accounts.There are many independent Affiliates selling trial sizes which you are not supposed to be doing. When you order a bottle of CBD oil from mydailychoice it has the hempworx label once you open that bottle and you place it in some other sort of glass bottle you are actually tampering with a product and selling it to Consumers which is a big liability issue. also with them doing this there is no 30 day guarantee. The 30 day guarantee which is great is only effective when the consumer is buying street from mydailychoice. I am a new affiliate as of April 2018 and I have had a lot of questions that refuse to be answered by corporate. I love the product it has worked for me and my health issues and I have been selling it in the appropriate manner but there are still many questions as I see many others making lots and lots of money off of the small people like myself. So beware if you’re buying it off of eBay or any other type of program like that you’re not getting it from mydailychoice you’re getting it from independent affiliate that is selling it in a manner that was not the principle behind mydailychoice. When it was founded!! But money always goes to people heads!!

    Donna Main - Reply

    To Mr Eugene Baker – My Daily Choice/ HempWorx does not accept paypal as a payment. Perhaps you did business with a copy cat company called “Daily Choice” . Also, they do NOT automatically put people on auto ship. You must “opt – in” for autoship. Many companies require that you “opt out” or you’re automatically put on auto ship. I’ve been using HempWorx for 10 mos and I feel better than i have in years. Great product, service & company. No issues here!

eva nizielski - Reply

I have only used the product for about one week and I have gotten the best sleep I have had in years, I’m also waking up a lot earlier

Dbb - Reply



    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thank you for this! I hope that the My Daily Choice can provide you with an answer to this.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Leslie Carpenter - Reply

    These people are a scam. Cancelled in January, never received full credit. Fast forward to August 2018, saw a charge for $79.99 on my statement for Skin Glow- never ordered, called the phone number and they had no record of me. Cancelled my Debit card, filed a claim with bank. 3 days later received more hemp oil and said “A-ha!” Went through my January/February statements, found the real phone number, called. They said to keep the product and that they issued a credit on 8/9/18 for that amount ($79.99). Bank shows no credit but now has my research to go after them. They will steal your money and they lie through the phone lines. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE SLEAZEBAGS!

Dena - Reply

I haven’t even tried my trial bottle yet and just received an email stating I’ve been billed for $79.99. Bank record shows amount being processed. Tried calling phone # provided; they have no account for me. Tried and message says “server not found.” This is s scam; don’t buy it.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Dena,

    You may want to contact the relevant offices in this link:

    I believe when you requested for a trial, you would have setup an account with them. You may want to check your email (that you sign up with). Most likely you haven’t confirm your account yet (through your email), and that’s why your account is not shown on its server.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to let us know your updates.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Carol Boyle - Reply

I ordered a FREE trial sample of Daily Choice Oil 100 and received it yesterday. This note is to explain to you that I did NOT agree to be put on a continuing auto-monthly order until I am sure it will work for me. My credit card company has been put on notice to block any unwanted auto-charges until I notify them otherwise. I write this because other product sales give out free samples without notifying customer that they will continue sending their product each month. So please do not charge me on my credit card for another supplement until I confirm the sale with you. Thanks.
Carol Boyle
Ship Date:2018/01/18
SLSORD: 91977
REF: 8626248
SHIPPER: Daily Choice
SHIPORD# 644699

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Carol,

    I think you may want to send them a direct email instead.

    I think your comment here will not get through to the company.

    I’ll post this anyway so that it gets some exposure.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

      Carrie - Reply

      For one thing, Carol said she ordered from Daily Choice so why are you giving her a link to My Daily Choice when it is NOT the same company?
      Others have said there is another company called Daily Choice and they seem to be the scammers, NOT My Daily Choice.
      My Daily Choice does not have a product called Skin Glow, they do NOT do trial bottles and their prices is not $79.99. Nor do they put you on auto ship without your consent.
      I know this because I use the CBD oil from Hempworx/My Daily Choice and I have had nothing but positive outcomes from it.
      Stop giving out the My Daily Choice link when someone talks how they were scammed by Daily Choice, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY!

        Jack Cao - Reply

        I am not sure if there is another Daily Choice Company selling Hemp Oil. The only alternative I found is dailychoicehempoil dot com, which leads to Sera Labs.

        If you have more information of the “Daily Choice” you talked about, please share the link with me.

        Thank you!
        ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Jessica Granger - Reply

I can’t really speak for any of the other products, but I can speak on behalf of their CBD oil. It’s some of the purest on the market and I love that they provide all of their testing and documentation on their CBD. I have only been using their product for a month, but my anxiety is gone, my chronic back pain is gone, and I’ve been sleeping deeper and waking up more refreshed. I’ve also already started making money from other people selling.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your comment and insights Jessica!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Greg Lewis - Reply

My Daily Choice is a complete scam. If it is not outright illegal they are most certaily unethical.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I wouldn’t call it a scam though. If you may, could you please state your reasons for your claim?

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Garry Schultz - Reply

I contacted the company to find out the address of the farm in Kentucky, the location of the manufacturing facility as I intended a visit and see for myself what they were professing was in fact the truth. Guess what, the rep told me they do NOT give out this info. I do believe the CBD oil works because of the testimonials. I know they do not have a wholesale/retail system. There is a quantity discount that an affiliate or customer can take advantage of. I may back out of this altogether, not sure yet.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your comment and insights Gary!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Joanna Bostwick - Reply

of course as a happy affiliate, I’m going to sound biased but I will say this Hempworx product has helped hundreds of people with health issues including myself. Can’t imagine not taking it. I don’t use or sell the other products but hempworx is a keeper….and yes it has pure cbd oil in it.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your insights Joanna!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)


Does anyone have a phone number for this company? I am trying to get a $292.00 refund from them.

Gil Musick - Reply

This hempworx oil completely removed my arthritis in the joints of my fingers. It has seriously improved my sleep and at age 60 my blood pressure has been around 120 over 78 on average. This is the most potent real deal hemp oil that can be purchased and also has the best price. It has 80% purity and is 100% organic with no gmo’s or contaminents. The company since lauching hempworx has exploded with current growth rate at approximately 3000%. This makes MDC one of the fastest growing companies in the mlm space. Dont listen to the online marketers who couldnt sell a glass of water to someone in the desert. The reason their attracted to online marketing is for this reason. They are NOT people persons and need millions of views on their sites to sell anything. If your serious about your future you best check MDC out.

Daniel Royer - Reply

I have been using the CBD oil and find it to be working great, i have a pinched nerve in my back and have nerve damage in my hands, but with this oil i am getting natural relief.

Brian Bean - Reply

I know that the main area of focus here is marketing, but after reading this review, I felt compelled to respond. More specifically, this is in response to “The health claims are also questionable. There’s no solid evidence that Deer Velvet improves your health. It’s alternative medicine based on pseudoscience.”

I don’t know too much about My Daily Choice or any of their products, except one, Hempworx. Every day, I used to wake up with pain in my shoulder and my hands would hurt and cramp up really bad. My cousin had me try the hemp oil (5 drops under the tongue) and I have not experienced any more pain in my shoulder or my hands since I have started using it. Also, I have been getting the best sleep and wake up feeling fresh every day. I can’t speak about any of the other products or the MLM of the company, but I personally haven’t found ANYTHING that has helped my pain, this includes street pharmaceuticals until I came across this stuff. I don’t whether or not Hempworx has, or will improve my overall health and don’t care if it’s alternative medicine based on pseudoscience.To be able to live pain-free, sleep well and wake up feeling fresh and ready to start the day – IT’S A WIN-WIN-WIN FOR ME!

Sean - Reply

The CBD oil contains no cbd yet it says “with pure cb oil” on the front but the ingredients say it’s pcr hemp seeds oil’ which contains no cbd. Is this fraud?

Tracy - Reply

Been there, done that! If its not about money coming into their pockets they are not interested. Not an issue anymore anyway. They rushed to the market so quickly and didn’t have everything in place so even though I signed up from the UK I am now unable to get products delivered to UK. After 2 weeks of signing up I realised that it was the type of company I do not want to be associated with.

Tracy - Reply

Wish I’d seen this before I joined up. I have had nothing but problems I’m from uk – extra custom charges r not mentioned and their support is next to nothing. They have a 30 day money back guarantee but I cannot get an answer on how to claim my money back. In fact I don’t get much a response on any of the problems I have had. U seem knowledgeable about it all. R u able to point me in the direction of who to contact in the US to complain. In the uk we have trading standards but I’m struggling to find where to go.

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