Due to the legalization of Hemp in most of the states in the U.S., we see hundreds of companies flocking to the market to grab a piece of the pie, and Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO) is one of them.

In this Changing The Future Outcome review, we are going to discuss about the effectiveness of Hemp Oil and whether or not joining the business opportunity is a good idea.

Do not be confused because there is another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with the same acronym, CTFO.

This is not  a coincidence.

Chew The Fat Off, the other MLM company with the same acronym, was founded by the same founder of Changing The Future Outcome. His name is Stuart Finger.


Here’s the Chew The Fat Off review, if you are looking for it.

Stuart Finger has a track record in the MLM industry that dated back to 1996.

Before CTFO, he founded another MLM company called GBG, and it seems that the entire GBG team has now migrated to CTFO.

What an interesting story.

Now, like I’ve mentioned above, CTFO is not the only Hemp Oil seller on the market, there are many other similar companies like, KannawayPrime My Body and HempWorx.

So, where do CTFO stand?

Honestly, I don’t see CTFO in the list prepared by cbdoilusers.com, an authority website in the CBD market:

Hemp MLM Companies Price Point

How I Fired My Boss and Work Full-Time From Home

But, judging the price provided by CTFO on its website, we can determine that CTFO is selling one of the cheapest Hemp Oil as compared to its peers.

Here’s the price list for CTFO:

CTFO Price List

Hang on a minute!

Before you run towards CTFO, you must know that the price is not the determining factor.

It is the extraction method and the purity of the Hemp Oil that counts.

And, for that reason, I may not buy Hemp Oil from CTFO, because I could only find little information.

On its website, you can find this information:

CTFO extraction method

But, every other company out there selling Hemp Oil are claiming that their Oil is the purest without providing any proof.

Almost everyone of them claimed that their Hemp Oil is made in the U.S.A. and it has no THC.

So, Changing The Future Outcome does not have an edge towards its competitors.

HempWorx, on the other hand, has taken its Hemp Oil a step further by getting their products tested and certified by third party laboratories.

So, if anybody were to buy Hemp Oil from an MLM company, I would prefer to buy it from HempWorx. This is just my opinion.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

In case you are still doing your research about CBD, let me help you out here…

There’s really a lot to learn about the Cannabis Plant, but all you should be learning now is the CBD and the THC, which are both compounds of a Cannabis Plant.

There are basically 120+ compounds that can be found in the Cannabis Plant and the predominant compound is the THC, followed by the CBD as the second most prominent compound.

To simply put it, while there are medical benefits of THC, it will get you “high”, and that’s why THC is not legalized.

On the other hand, CBD has other medical benefits as well, but it does not have the psychoactive effect of the THC.

Here’s a video that might interest you on the extraction method for CBD.

THC will always be present in the CBD (after extraction), but as long as the THC content is lower than 0.3%, the CBD product is legally approved in the U.S..

What are the benefits of the CBD?

Since the legalization of CBD, more and more medical practitioners are stepping up to speak of the benefits of the CBD…

You’ve probably seen the same video on CTFO, but keep in mind that the doctors in the video are not a part of CTFO.

So, here’s a list of benefits of the CBD:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Relieves Nausea
  3. Promote Cardiovascular Health
  4. Helps fight cancer
  5. Anxiety disorders
  6. Possibly treat seizures and other neurological disorders

So, if you ask me, I’ll say that the CBD is going to be a game changer in the medical world.

However, this doesn’t give you a good enough reason to join CTFO as a distributor.

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Should You Join CTFO as a Distributor?

I’ll be honest with you, though you think that the products are super beneficial for everyone, especially the people around you, and you think that everyone else will have the same epiphany as you when they are first introduced to CTFO, then you might be in for a shock.

The truth is, not everyone will think like you. Even when the products are so amazing, you’ll be surprised that people will still say “NO”.

That’s unless the person has a serious medical condition that no medicine can cure, then they will resort to try every possible solution.

The reasons for people to shunt away an amazing product are very simple.

“People don’t like to be sold” and “People hate to change”.

To get people to buy Hemp Oil, it is either they will buy it at their own will, or the salesperson is just so convincing that they have to buy it.

Which leads me to this question, “Do you want to be a salesperson?”

Let me know what your answer at the comment section at the end of this review.

What does it take to succeed with CTFO?

Being a salesperson, especially when you don’t have any experience, it would mean that you’ll have to face a ton of rejection, on top of that, most of the rejection will come from people whom you are close with.

And, this will come as a consequence as it puts a strain on your relationship with the person who rejected you.

I’ve seen too many cases where the relationship gets destroyed as a result of the business opportunity.

Moreover, it takes more than just the ability to overcome and stomach a ton of rejections to become successful.

Being Rejected

You’ll need…

  1. A good mentor and leader to guide you to become a great salesperson
  2. A way to find an endless stream of new prospects
  3. To stay positive throughout, even when you don’t see any extraordinary results in your first year
  4. To be extremely hard working
  5. To live and breath CTFO, which means that whenever, wherever, or whomever you meet, you’ll talk about CTFO

Unfortunately, the majority of the people who joined CTFO didn’t become successful, in fact, more than 95% of them failed. This is the overall statistic of MLM companies in the same industry.

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However, if you think you have what it takes to be successful with CTFO, I wish you all the best and I hope to see your success.

Why CTFO could be considered a Pyramid Scheme?

Now this is a touchy topic, and CTFO distributors will start defending against this.

Hold on there, take a chill pill.

I’m not saying CTFO is a pyramid scheme.

Before I say anything further, let us understand what a pyramid scheme is.

Over emphasis on recruitment instead of promoting the products could be seen as a pyramid scheme.

In general, CTFO is definitely a legitimate business, however, if the management team do have the control over the actions of their distributors, and if the distributors start focusing on the recruitment drive (instead of promoting the products), the company may be dragged into legal charges related to pyramid scheme.

Good examples of this, and I see it too often on Facebook, are distributors promoting the “business opportunity” and making “false claims of the medical benefits”.

CTFO Bad Marketing

Literally, hundreds of distributors are doing this on Facebook every day.

It is either they are not properly educated, or they are simply ignorant to the fact that they are running a recruitment scheme or making false claims.

So if you are a CTFO distributor, please make sure that you are not making the same mistakes.

Yes, Hemp Oil “could” cure diseases, but it is not FDA (Food Drug Administration) approved yet, which means that even if Hemp Oil does cure diseases, you can’t make claims that it does. Complicated right?

So, don’t go running around telling everybody that Hemp Oil will cure diseases. You are violating the terms of the business, and you are violating the law.

CTFO Disclaimer

Now, if you are ready to become a CTFO distributor, let’s talk money…

An Online Business that requires no selling and recruiting. Interested?

How much can you make with CTFO?

One thing I absolutely like about the CTFO compensation plan is that anyone can be an associate.

You don’t need to buy the products or pay for the membership fee.

It’s totally free for people who wants to earn a 20% commission on each product sold.

Plus, you get to participate in the other 3 compensation plan:

  1. Unilevel Pay
  2. Regenerating Matrix Pay
  3. Infinity Bonus Pay

1. Unilevel Pay

This compensation is rather unique in the sense that there is no limit to the number of 1st level recruits.

Normally, a compensation plan (from other MLM companies) will have a left and a right leg, where the compensation is paid on the weaker leg.

And, there is a limit to the number of 1st level recruits you can have. A typical MLM setup will look like this:

Typical MLM Setup

However, in the case of CTFO, there will not be a limit to the number of 1st level recruits you can have.

As long as you directly recommend someone to join CTFO, they will be your 1st level recruit, and when your 1st level recruits recommends someone to join CTFO, they will be your 2nd level recruits, and it spans all the way to 5 levels deep.

Here is the CTFO’s Unilevel Compensation plan:

CTFO-Unilevel Pay

2. Regenerating Matrix Pay

Here’s where things become interesting…

On the first level, you can only have a maximum of 3 personally enrolled recruits.

Since your first level recruits can only have 3 personally enrolled recruits on their first level, you’ll have a maximum of 9 recruits on your second level.

Your third level will have a maximum of 27 spots (3 to the power of 3), and your fourth level will have a maximum of 81 spots.

It goes all the way down 21 levels… You can have a maximum of 10460353203 recruits in your entire organization.

Referring to the description on the left of the image below, the 1st to 5th level of recruits, you’ll get a 1% commission on top of the Unilevel Pay.

You’ll earn an addition of 10% commission on top of the Unilevel Pay on the 6th and 7th level recruits.

And, from the 8th to the 21st level recruits, you’ll earn a 1% commission on top of the Unilevel pay.

CTFO-Regenerating Matrixl Pay

The second part of the equation (refer to the right of the above image), you’ll have to personally enroll 5 people to qualify for all levels of commission in the Regenerating Matrix Pay.

If you refer 1 person only, you’ll earn a 25% of the commission from the 1st to 7th level.

If you refer 2 people, you’ll earn a 50% of the commission from the 1st to 7th level.

3 personally enrolled people will earn you a 100% of the commission from the 1st to 7th level.

4 personally enrolled people will unlock the 8th to 14th level commission.

And, 5 personally enrolled people will unlock the full 21 levels of commission.

The Regenerating Matrix Pay comes with one extra feature…

Profit Sharing Positions

To put it simply, if you’ve personally enrolled 4 people and above, those recruits will be placed directly under you (on your 1st level), which expands your potential earnings tremendously.

3. Infinity Bonus Pay

Well, this is quite difficult to explain, so if you want to understand more about the Infinity Bonus Pay, you can check out the CTFO full compensation plan here.

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My 2 cents on the compensation plan and the business opportunity

Now, I finally understand why the company will find it hard to manage its distributors, and that’s because there’s no way to qualify a distributor, everyone or anyone can join (even if you don’t buy Hemp Oil from CTFO).

In one way, this is great for people who wants to earn some money without huge investment, in another way, I feel that it just doesn’t make sense for the company to run an MLM scheme.

It makes me question the quality of the Hemp Oil.

If most of the profit goes towards paying its affiliates, what’s left for the development and quality control of the products?

It takes a lot of working capital to run this business, you have to employ people to do quality checks, for mass extraction of CBD oil from the Cannabis plant, to the logistics and payroll.

Unless the company buys the Hemp Oil in a bulk from low quality providers, I don’t see that there’s any way that a company can run such a lucrative compensation plan for its affiliates.

For this reason, I didn’t sign up for my free account (although I could have).

However, the decision is yours to make. I’m just trying to put you into perspective.

Would you promote low quality Hemp Oil just to make some money?

An Ethical Way to Make Money Online. Affiliate Marketing?

My Sincere Advice to You

I highly doubt the quality of the Hemp Oil because no experts are talking about the Hemp Oil from CTFO, and their compensation plan is too good to be true.

If I were to buy Hemp Oil, I’ll buy from a company that has provided proof, from a 3rd party, that certifies the purity of the Hemp Oil, like HempWorx.

I could have promoted the Hemp Oil from CTFO and make money from it (because it’s totally free to join as an associate), but because I couldn’t find proof of the quality of the Hemp Oil, I am not going to promote it.

Also, the compensation plan is too generous that I doubt the quality of the products.

Money needs to be spent on the quality control of the products, and because most of the profits are dispersed back to the affiliates, I am not sure what’s left for the operations and expansion of the company.

If you ask for my opinion, I’ll buy Hemp Oil from HempWorx instead (I am not an affiliate of HempWorx as well).

However, if you are looking for a way to make money online, and you are not particularly interested about Hemp Oil, then I suggest that you check out this program.

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I highly recommend that you check out this program if you are serious about building a successful online business.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

If you find this review helpful, please, share it by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

If you wish to discuss more about CTFO, please, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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Changing The Future Outcome Review
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D. L. - Reply

CTFO has independent 3rd party testing on its products. CTFO oil has 2 ingredients vs HempWorx 3. So which is more pure? Extensive information on extraction. Both made by same manufacurer. HempWorx makes a few people money at the top, and has made the very top millionaires on the backs, and work of the bottom. Unless one can afford to expend lots of money every month on the required autoship package payout is palsy. I have worked at both. Many at HempWorx come to CTFO. Hmmm…must be a reason why.

Lasheema Monroe - Reply

Interestomg you mentioming CTFO making false medical claims. It has been proven on a number of occassions that CBD oil helps stop seizures and convulsions. You mentiom not beong FDA approved which is utterly hilarious, i guess all the medicine and food fda approved is good for you! Lol
Perhaps you dont know about all the Approved GMP food giving us cancer, feeding us carcinogens. All the drugs that are killing ppl vs actually healing ppl. An fda stamp of approval mean absolutely nothing when the FDA is approving things that are horrible for human consumption. Your review unfortunately in my opinion is boased. I think you just dont trust the company.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I get what you mean.

    CBD does cure seizures and convulsions in many cases, but it doesn’t mean that CTFO products cured them.

    Affiliates cannot claim that the CTFO products cure diseases because they are not FDA approved. For some reason, if you want to promote CTFO, you have abide by the law, and in this case FDA is the law. Not that I trust FDA completely, but they are the ones who can bring CTFO down if affiliates continue to make claims that FDA don’t deem appropriate.

    If you have a serious condition, go to a doctor to acquire CBD products, not from a CTFO affiliate. That’s simply it.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Darren Tachine - Reply

Hello, CTFO – Changing The Future Outcome IS ACTUALLY Lab Tested by a 3rd party called: precision analytical testing LLC. The Lab Results are also listed on their website.

Thank you,
Darren Tachine

Debra Lowry - Reply

I do not feel you did your homework on Kannaway. Kannaway has been a leader in CBD products by getting THC free oil to both Brazil and Mexico, as well as other accomplishments. They lab test three times as well and they do sell the purest of CBD. Please do more research.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks! I’ve removed your affiliate link to Kannaway. By the way, this is a review about CTFO and you are talking about Kannaway? Yup! It is certain that I need to update my Kannaway review because it was written years ago when Hemp just got legalized in 8 states. Thanks for the reminder!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

CBDMAN - Reply

This is a great article that explains everything quite accurately. What do you think of the lab reports they posted? I think that link to the vice explains the reason there is no name of the persons making the product. It actually looks really fake. Just like the people who signed up with this company before there was even a product… How can you sign up to sell something you haven’t even tried? Who is their source? Why is it secret? what farms?? haha it certainly isn’t the same source as hempworx.

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