What is Kannaway? – Read this before you join!

kannaway-mainName:  Kannaway
Website:  www.kannaway.com
Price: $9.99/mth or $49.99/yr + product sales
Owners: Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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What is Kannaway?

The use of Hemp (same family as Marijuana) is finally legalized in many states of the United States, and Kannaway is here to seize the opportunity.

I have been following Kannaway when it was first launched in 2014.

It was an impressive start for Kannaway in early 2014, however, it has not been performing well lately according to MLM Rankings. Learn more about the difference between Hemp and Marijuana here.


As you know Kannaway is a Multi-Level Marketing Company which focuses on the sales of Hemp related products, and I am pretty sure you are curious as to whether Kannaway is a good business opportunity for you to dive into.

To determine if this business is worthy of your time, my first question to you will be “Do you use the Hemp products from Kannaway personally and regularly, and have you benefited from it?”. If your answer is “Yes”, well then you got your answer.

No doubt the Hemp products has its benefits, but Kannaway has written a disclosure statement that its products are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested.


So, what exactly is the use of Kannaway’s products if they are not intended to cure or treat any disease?

You see the most contradicting problem is that the general public wants to use Hemp products for benefits like reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, stimulate hair growth, improve brain function, etc, but Kannaway’s Hemp products are not intended to solve the problems of the general public.

So what exactly is the Hemp products used for? Leisure?

Well, I am not here to debate if the Kannaway’s products work, because I know there are some people who claimed that the products worked for them.

My aim here is to disclose all the facts in order for you to make an informed decision before joining Kannaway.

Are you selling Kannaway’s products the right way?

To become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador you have to pay $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year to obtain its membership.

In order to receive commission from Kannaway, you have to remain as an active paying member.

Kannaway’s products are not cheap, if you compare the price of its products against the Hemp products you can buy from a drug store you will see the difference.


Based on the price of the Kannaway’s products, coupled with the undetermined benefits, you can determine the demand for Kannaway’s products.

This leads to another problem that most Brand Ambassador face.

Most Kannaway Brand Ambassadors have been complaining that they do not have sufficient leads to generate the sales that they want.

They were taught to sell Kannaway’s products to their close or extended family members and friends, and get referrals from there, but the fact is, the referrals will eventually run dry.

It will come to a point where you will be stuck and cannot progress with the business.

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Let us break down the statistic that most Kannaway Brand Ambassador face.

Out of 100 people, maybe 20 of them will be interested in the products, but 3 of the 20 will actually buy a product, and if they are lucky, 1 will join them as a Brand Ambassador.

As you know, the best way to make money from Kannaway is not from the sales of its products, but from the number of Brand Ambassadors recruited.

Kannaway is a Multi-Level Marketing company anyway, the more people you recruit, the more successful you will become.

Here is a video that will explain the compensation plan:

As you can see, you will only make $15 from each product sale regardless of the amount of sales volume you generated.

To me, that is kind of unfair because from the business that I am in, I get a percentage of the sale that I make (for example a 30% commission for the $100 sale that I make).

What if someone bought $1,000 worth of products from Kannaway? You make only $15 out of it, does it make sense?

So, the only way to make lots of money from Kannaway is through recruiting.

You can see from the video that you will receive bonuses when you enroll people into the business as brand ambassadors.

But, to make a substantial income from Kannaway, you have to recruit a lot of people into the business. Remember the statistic that I have shared?

Hence, many people failed in their Kannaway business, don’t let that happen to you.

Are you joining the right team?

This is one of the most important factor that will determine your success or failure in the business.

When you are new to a business, especially when you do not have any experience in sales, knowledge of the products, it’s compensation plan, marketing strategy, etc., you kannaway-teamwould need to depend on your upline or sponsor (person who introduced you to the business) to guide and nurture you.

Let me get straight to the point, you need to be a successful salesperson in order to be successful in the Kannaway business.

If you cannot sell, you might as well don’t be in this business.

So, somebody has to groom you into a great salesperson, and that person must be a great leader as well as a salesperson himself/herself, and he/she must put your interest ahead of theirs.

If you joined a team who do not have the expertise in grooming you, and do not put your interest ahead of theirs, you are doomed for failure.

Many Kannaway Brand Ambassadors have experienced this and failed.

I would suggest that if you want to join the Kannaway business, make sure you do your due diligence before joining a team.

Though everyone is in Kannaway, each team works differently.

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It takes both hands to clap.

Even if you join a great team who are willing to go all out for you, if you do not put in the extra effort, it amounts to nothing.

Let’s be honest, if you do not take interest in yourself, who will?

My Sincere Advice to You

If you have already benefited from the products of Kannaway, it is most logical to promote it, but make sure that you join the right team who puts your interest first.

Note that you will be facing lots of rejection and there are a lot of downside when you first enter the business, but if you pull through it, it can change your life.

Alternatively, if you do not like to be a salesperson, but you still want to be successful, I would suggest you check out this program.

This is the course that brought me to success and I hope it can do the same for you.  In my opinion, it is the best place for you to learn how to get started on making money online, so, do check it out.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review!

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If you would like to share your thoughts on Kannaway, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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linda spinelli - Reply

I have been ripped off for a total of $2,000.00. They keep charging my master card. we now put a freeze on it so no more can be paid out. I am so confused. First I bought a tube. told them I do not want automatic shipping. they ignored that – they sent 2 saying it was 2 for one and I had bought 2. They have me so confused I am about ready to go on social media and blast the company; however, there is always a misunderstanding – you cannot get anyone to call you back – I am at wits end. I guess next is to get lawyer to write letter – maybe that would be best

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experience here Linda!

    I hope everything will go well for you.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Dario Cucci - Reply

I gave the Company a try as a friend of my recommended their Product. The Product itself is fine. However the Customer Service & Delivery are not. I paid for Delivery $25, which should include the product delivery that I paid for in the Amount of 237 Euro, plus Shipping.

On the Day it got delivered I got charged an additional CHF 44.00 Delivery Charges which I wasn’t told that be the case. When I made a complain, support told me that it is their mistake but that the Eu Department will need to look into it. Instead of forwarding it to them, they asked me for more Documentation, once I given it to them, they then asked me to forward the complain to the other Department. When I did so, with the Email that was given to me, I got an email notification that the Email can’t be delivered due to the incorrect Email address. I replied to support and they told me they forwarded it for me and that if I wanted an update I would need to call them.

2 Weeks later, still no update, no refund and just admin hassle because of their stupid admin policies, terms and conditions, no one wants to solve the problem, they just pass the bucket around. I closed my account with them and would highly recommend do not do Business nor buy their Products because if anything goes wrong, no one will be there to help you solve it, you will end up losing your Money with them, your Time and your Nerves.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Dario,

    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Kannaway here.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Marti - Reply

I am one of those who took the product from Kannaway and was actually quite suprised at what it did for my health and my families health. So much so that I decided to become a brand ambassador for the company, and so glad that I did.

There is some misinformation above in that “the only way to make lots of money through Kannaway is through recruiting”. Actually, if you want to work the business, you make money through having people on your team, but also through customers.

I have joined quite a few MLM’s but this is the first that I have actually made money through.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I don’t think the sentence “the only way to make lots of money through Kannaway is through recruiting” is misleading Marti.

    It is the fact that you can’t earn a lot if you are only promoting the Kannaway products, the way to make the most out of this business opportunity is through recruiting, which will earn you a spot in the compensation plan.

    Many distributors I know of, focuses more on the recruiting part rather than promoting the benefits and features of the products. This really depends on the education each new distributor is given by their upline.

    In any opportunity like this, one bad apple spoils the barrel, you just need one leader who teaches his/her downline to focus on recruiting, and the rest will follow that strategy because it makes the most sense.

    I’m glad that the products worked for you Marti, product satisfaction is one of the most important factor a new customer must consider before joining the business opportunity.

    Keep up the good work and focus on selling or promoting the products, and let the nature takes its course. Do not focus on recruitment unless that someone has benefited from the product and shows interest in promoting the products, that’s my advice.

    Wishing you all the best in your business!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Trish - Reply

I was interfered in the opportunity & ordered product. This was denied due to credit card (which had Been stolen). I enter new CC info & the order never showed up.

I had to enter CC info 3 of 4 times so I was frustrated.

I took my business elsewhere & won’t give this company my business. Their service sucks also.

I am a huge network marketer so it’s their loss

    Dario Cucci - Reply

    HI Trish

    Totally agree with your Statement, their Customer Service is very bad and their product isn’t worth the money paying for. Plus their entire Policies and structure, is not Customer Friendly.

    Good on you for moving on.

    If you are still looking for a better networking company to create passive income and earn good money, which also provides better structure, products and Customer Service then get in touch with me.

    Wish you all the best with your Ventures.

    Warm Regards

John - Reply

Great review about Kannaway Jack!
I am not a big fan of multi-level marketing companies in general.
I believe their products are over-priced so that they can pay their commissions and unlike affiliate marketing, you have to hassle a lot of people to join your team to earn more money.
As my online business and profile continues to grow I am constantly getting offers to join network marketing teams and it is annoying to say the least!
Sounds to me that Kannaway is another one to stay away from!

Ron Alderman - Reply

I learned something new. I did not even know such a company existed. Once you explained what it was I wanted to know more about the company and the Why. You did a great job of explaining both.

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