Elite Marketing Pro Review - Could this be the Answer to Network Marketing Success?

I've recently came across Elite Marketing Pro, and I wanted to know if it will help me with the network marketing business I've just joined recently.

When I started with my research, I've found many Elite Marketing Pro reviews claiming that it is not the right program for me.

Some even claimed that it is a scam...

Elite Marketing Pro Review - Is it a Scam or legit

Well, this wasn't something I was expecting, because I've heard good things about them prior to finding it.

So, instead of trusting the "reviews", I trusted my instincts and went ahead to join EMP.

I will share all of my findings with you in this Elite Marketing Pro review.

This is just a proof that I've actually purchased the Attraction Marketing Formula and the Insider Membership.

I am not someone who would give an opinion without any substance.

Elite Marketing Pro Review - Insider Payment

If you are new to barenakedscam.com, I am someone who will go all out to get every piece of information about a business before sharing my opinion.

Even if it means that I have to spend my own money, because I truly want you to know the facts about a program before joining it.

That's why Bare Naked Scam was founded in the first place, it's sole purpose is to expose every nitty-gritty aspect of a business opportunity.

As you can see, I've purchased the EMP membership back in August 2018, and I've spent a good 2 months studying this program before I wrote this review in October.

So, I hope that my efforts will be your gain.

Without further delay, let's get right into the program... 

My Honest Opinion about EMP...

Like most people who've found this program, I joined with great skepticism.

I didn't know what to expect, and I only knew that it could help me with my network marketing business...

As I went along with the training program, and I've done several coaching calls with my assigned coach, I was convinced that there is a wealth of knowledge in this program.

A vast knowledge and experience that my sponsors and uplines do not have.

Success with Network Marketing depends heavily on...

Especially when you are in the network marketing business, it is super important to follow the right leaders and mentors.

Our success depends very much on the knowledge and experiences our mentors can impart.

Unfortunately, most of the time, our leaders and sponsors are not someone successful. Which leads us to a situation where the blind is leading the blind.

So, with EMP, you'll never need to rely on your sponsors or upline for support any longer...

You can take your success to your own hands.

Because, the coaches and mentors in EMP are people who've built 6 to 7 figures in their network marketing business.

The reason I know the coaches are successful themselves is because I've spoken to them and have "tested" their marketing skills.

I'll share my coaching experience with you as you read along...

What is Elite Marketing Pro?

Elite Marketing Pro is a training and coaching platform that is designed for network marketers to grow their business online.

It is one of the few training programs out there, like the Ninja Networker and the MLSP, that teaches network marketers to beat the odds of failure.

If you are in the network marketing industry, you know that the general failure rate is 95%.

Could Elite Marketing Pro help you join the top 5% in the industry? Let's find out...

The program is founded by Tim Erway, Matt Crystal and Ferny Ceballos back in 2014.

Elite Marketing Pro Founders

Prior to the creation of Elite Marketing Pro, all 3 of the founders are successful network marketers who've earned 7 to 8 figures individually.

And, EMP is the platform where they teach and share all of their knowledge and experiences.

Over the years, there are many people who've become successful as a result of the training and coaching provided.

I've personally been in contact with quite a few successful EMP students.

And like me, they were struggling with their business before they've found EMP.

Now, that makes me wonder. If the program is so good, why are there people writing negative reviews about them.

As I re-visited all of the reviews that I've read, I found something interesting...

The Truth about the "EMP Reviews"

You see, I was actually taken aback when I was reading through so many negative EMP reviews.

And, the more I read the reviews, the clearer the picture gets.

Those reviews were written by people who didn't actually go through the training themselves. They dish out their opinion without any basis.

And, for the most saddening part is that almost every EMP reviews re-directs you to a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

Elite Marketing Pro Fake Reviews

I'll be honest with, I am part of both programs. I've been with Wealthy Affiliate for many years (I'm still with them today), and now I am with EMP.

The reason why I said it is "saddening" is because you might think that Wealthy Affiliate is a place that teaches people to discredit other businesses in order to join them.

But, that's just not true. However, I don't wish to honor Wealthy Affiliate in this review...

I want to focus on EMP and what it can offer.

If you want to find out how Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life, you can read my story here.

But for comparison sake, let's do this...

Wealthy Affiliate v.s. Elite Marketing Pro

Now, I believe the people writing EMP reviews do not really understand the true purpose and the needs that this program satisfy.

Wealthy Affiliate is focused on teaching affiliate marketing, and EMP is designed for network marketers to grow their business online.

If you are trying to apply the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate to your network marketing business, I'm afraid it wouldn't work.

And, that's what EMP is made for.

It is specially designed for network marketers, no matter what industry they are in.

So honestly, there's really nothing much that you can compare, because they have a different focus.

Now, back to EMP...

The Different EMP Membership Levels...

Basically, there are 3 levels of Membership...

1st Level Membership: Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing Formula Review

The first level of the membership is the Attraction Marketing Formula.

It is a 185 page eBook which shares the entire concept of the Attraction Marketing.

And, the membership comes with many add-on perks like the "Fast-Start Road Map", the "10 Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp", and the "Ignition Coaching Program" (I'll discuss more about the Attraction Marketing Formula in the next section).

If you wish to progress further and implement the knowledge in your network marketing business, you may want to consider the 2nd level membership.

2nd Level Membership: EMP Insider

Elite Marketing Pro Insider Review

The 2nd level of the membership is the "EMP Insider".

This membership is designed to help you set everything in motion.

You'll unlock lots of launch plans, as well as the following:

  • Private Members Community Mastermind
  • EMP Weekly Live Traffic Mentoring Webinars
  • EMP Weekly 'Begin to Win' Webinars
  • EMP Monthly Insider Advanced Marketing
  • 3 One-on-one Mindset & Marketing Coaching Sessions
  • 8 EMP Lead Capture & Sales System
  • 4 Step Fast Start Guide to Online Success

I'll share more details about the insider membership below. If you wish to skip ahead, you can click here.

3rd Level Membership: VIP

Elite Marketing Pro VIP Review

This is the highest level of the membership in the Elite Marketing Pro.

Basically, you unlock everything that is available in the program.

Including all of these courses that EMP has created over the years:

  • 10 Minute Traffic Machine (Cost $997 if sold separately)
  • Social Media Recruiter (Cost $97 if sold separately)
  • Linkedin Recruiting Playbook (Cost $197 if sold separately)
  • Network Marketing Foundations
  • $30 Million Video Sales Letter Workshop (Cost $197)
  • Traffic 180 Degrees (Cost $997)
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel (Cost $197)
  • The Ultimate Email Profit Machine (Cost $197)
  • The Copywriter's Guild (Cost $297)
  • 10 Minute Blog Blueprint
  • Recruit with Words (Cost $197)
  • Branded Traffic Formula (Cost $67)
  • 90 Minute Profit Machine (Cost $197)
  • Pro Marketing Summit
  • What's Working Now Archive (Cost $1,164) 
  • Your Authority Blog Checklist (Cost $27)
  • The Ultimate List Building System 2.0 (Cost $197)
  • Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint (Cost $997)
  • YouTube Traffic Blueprint (New)

And, there's really so much more that I need to explain in a separate section. Click here if you wish to skip ahead.

In gist, you'll never need to purchase any other courses about internet marketing.

Because, you really get everything you need to know in order to succeed.

The Attraction Marketing Formula

Attraction Marketing is the foundation of everything that is taught in EMP.

And, the Attraction Marketing Formula is an eBook written by Ferny Ceballos.

He has documented all of his past experiences and applications of his network marketing business into this concise eBook.

It is a book that teaches network marketers to find, prospect, and qualify leads automatically, without even meeting the prospects.

This way, you can focus your time and energy to meet qualified prospects who matters to your business success...

If you want to grow your network marketing business online, I would highly suggest that you grab a copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula.

It comes with a 10 day Bootcamp, Fast Start Road Map, and an Ignition Coaching Program (more about this below).

If you want more information about the Attraction Marketing Formula, you can read the review here.

Ignition Coaching Program - My Personal Experience with My Assigned Coach

Once you've purchased the Attraction Marketing Formula, you will gain access the Ignition Coaching Program.

You'll be assigned to a personal coach to guide you through the steps of setting up your business online.

As I've mentioned, coaching and mentoring is a crucial step towards your success in Network Marketing.

So, it is super important for you to get in touch with your assigned coach to get everything started.

My assigned coach is David Douglas, and if you are assigned to him as your coach, you are lucky because he is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Elite Marketing Pro - My Ignition Coach

Here's My Coaching Experience with David...

As you may know, I am already quite proficient in internet marketing, and most of everything that David shares, I am familiar with...

So, I've decided to take my coaching a step further to subtly "test" my coach on his marketing skills.

You see, I've been through many "coaching" sessions with other programs, like MOBE and Six Figure Mentors... 

And, their coaches are more like salespeople who are trying to get you to buy their higher ticket products, without offering any form of value as far as the coaching is concerned.

So, having this coaching call with David, I wanted to know if he is just another salesperson of EMP, or someone who actually has substance.

After the first coaching session... I was convinced...

I was impressed with David as he was able to answer the advanced marketing questions I've posted to him.

What's in the Ignition Coaching Program?

Basically, there are 12 modules in the Coaching Program.

The modules are split out into 3 levels, with 4 modules in each level.

All of the modules are locked initially, and it has to be unlocked by your coach.

You'll be given 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with your assigned coach...

And, depending on your progress, the coach will usually unlock 4 modules (1 Level) at a time.

As you can see from the image below, I've unlocked all of my modules...

Elite Marketing Pro Review - Ignition Coaching Program

A Sneak Peek into the Ignition Coaching Program...

Level 1: Foundation

Module 1: Wealth Hacking

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 1

Module 2: Work Less, Live More

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 2

Module 3: The Fast Track to Freedom

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 3

Module 4: Your Lifestyle Business Plan

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 4

Level 2: Launch

Module 5: Wealth Hacking

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 5

Module 6: 5-Step Advertising Formula

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 6

Module 7: The Pipeline Profit Formula

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 7

Module 8: The Ultimate X-Factor

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 8

Level 3: Propel

Module 9: The Six Figure Evolution

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 9

Module 10: Deploy Your Lead Machine

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 10

Module 11: The Power Branding Blueprint

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 11

Module 12: How to Unleash Massive Traffic

Elite Marketing Pro - Ignition Coaching - Module 12

I'm sure by seeing the topic headers of each module (click on the images above), you'll know how valuable this coaching program is.

I especially like the "Level 3: Propel" because branding and traffic are the two most important elements of success online.

Elite Marketing Pro Insider

With the EMP Insider, you'll unlock all of these launch plans...

Elite Marketing Pro Review - Training Library

As you can see, there are a few interesting, yet crucial launch plans that are in progress, and it will be released soon.

On top of that, you'll have access to the "Insider Road Map" that shows you step-by-step on how to launch your network marketing business online.

One important feature of the insider membership is the "Weekly Traffic Mentoring Webinars".

This weekly webinar, which is conducted 3 times a week, will be hosted by EMP traffic experts who will review other members' paid traffic campaigns.

I've attended one of the sessions, and boy, there's really a lot to absorb.

This will definitely expedite your knowledge and experience about paid advertising.

Elite Marketing Pro VIP

Before I share my opinion with you about the VIP Membership, I just wanted you to know that I've become a VIP member myself.

Elite Marketing Pro - VIP Payment

Here's why I think the VIP Membership is so valuable.

You see, I am proficient in driving organic (free) traffic to my promotional offers, but I've failed many times in paid traffic.

In fact, I've loss thousands of dollars over the years to "buy traffic".

The Reason Why I've decided to be a VIP Member...

Bottom line, I don't wish to depend solely on organic (free) traffic anymore...

Because, it is not a sustainable strategy...

  1. It takes months, if not years, for search engines to rank your content (if you are a newbie)
  2. You'll have to be consistent with your content creation (at least 1 content per week)
  3. You have to keep up with the newest ranking algorithm
  4. Search engine algorithm changes very frequently
  5. My website is constantly being "punished" by search engines without any apparent reason (for your information, I am always up to date with the latest news)
  6. And, many more reasons...

So, I thought that if I really want to grow my business, I have to learn how to be a full fledged internet marketer.

Which means that I need to be proficient in both the organic and paid traffic methods.

For me, to get back into using the paid traffic strategy is daunting task, because once bitten twice shy, right?

But, with the Elite Marketing Pro VIP membership, I am confident that I will be successful with paid traffic. Here's why...

What's in the VIP Membership?

On top of the many courses a VIP member can access, which I've shared above, what I see most valuable are the following...

  • VIP Road Map
  • Weekly Traffic Mentoring Webinars
  • 1-on-1 VIP Coaching calls
  • Private VIP Facebook Marketing Group

VIP Road Map

This road map is split into 5 segments:

  1. How Social Media Works
  2. Build Your Audience and Targeting
  3. Hooks and Headlines for Ads
  4. The Power of an Image
  5. Evaluating Your Ad & Understanding Metrics

If you follow this road map closely, it should take you 5 weeks to complete.

But, there's never an end with paid traffic.

You'll have to constantly test, tweak, evaluate and execute new and existing campaigns.

That's why the Weekly Traffic Mentoring Webinars is so important...

Weekly Traffic Mentoring Webinars

As you know from the EMP Insider membership, there will be 3 Live webinars scheduled.

The big difference between the Insider and VIP webinars, is that the webinars are conducted to review the submitted ad campaigns by VIP members.

EMP Insider members can only gain access to the webinars and learn from the mistakes made by the VIPs.

The best and the fastest way to achieve success with your business is to learn, tweak and implement the advises given by the traffic experts.

I don't know about you, but for me, being able to get my ad campaigns reviewed by traffic experts is the highest value any internet marketer can get.

1-on-1 VIP Coaching Calls

As a VIP member, you will get addition 3 coaching calls with a VIP coach.

The first coaching session will guide you through what you need to do to get you and your business off the ground and get results...

And, the 2 additional coaching sessions are implementation calls, which means that you can get real advice and deep insights about your own business.

Just be sure to ask the right questions.

Private VIP Facebook Marketing Group

This is a highly active group where VIP members share their experiences (positive or negative) about their own traffic campaigns.

Almost every day, I see VIP members posting their success.

I also see members struggling with their campaigns and the rest of the group coming in to the rescue.

This is unlike any "Mastermind" Facebook groups that I've seen...

This VIP group is so much different because the people in there provides really good tips and advises.

How Much Does EMP Cost?

Now, these are all great, but what's the cost? Here it is...

  • Attraction Marketing Formula - Retails at $97  Discounted to $47 One-Time if you join through this link
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider - $297 per year - Join EMP Insider here.
  • Elite Marketing Pro VIP - $3,497 One-Time, but it's $2,997 for fast action takers - Join EMP Here and contact your coach about the discount.

Honestly, I don't think that you should be intimidated by the cost...

I am sure deep down you know how much value EMP can provide to you and your business.

The platform is created for you to achieve your goals with your network marketing business.

It goes without saying that you have to invest in yourself, if you really want success.

You can't expect to get real results with just the "Free Stuff", right?

If you've been in this industry, you know that free stuff isn't really free. There's always a catch.

With EMP, they are very upfront and they don't hide anything from you. This is something that I really like about them.

They know that the stuff they teach works, so there is no reason for them to be dodgy.

And, that's the reason why I chose to upgrade to the VIP membership...

The Elite Marketing Pro Affiliate Program

Just to be clear, you don't need to promote Elite Marketing Pro, if you don't wish to.

The knowledge imparted in this program is sufficient for you to promote any kind of network marketing businesses.

In fact, it can go further than just network marketing.

I am currently learning stuff that can be applied to my affiliate marketing businesses as well.

So, whether or not you promote Elite Marketing Pro is really up to you. This is an additional income stream for you, if you decide to do so.

With that said, here is the table of commissions...

Commission Rates

Membership Levels

All Standard Products 

Monthly Insider

Annual Insider


VIP Members





Annual Insider Members





Monthly Insider Members





Standard Affiliates





My Sincere Advice to You

If you want to...

  • Stop wasting time and energy chasing deadbeat prospects;
  • Learn how to grow a 6 to 7 figure network marketing business;
  • Take your success in your own hands, instead of relying on your sponsors and uplines;
  • Attract the right kind of people to your network marketing business;
  • Find an endless stream of highly targeted prospects.

Then, I highly recommend that start with the Attraction Marketing Formula...

Because, it is the foundation of everything that is taught in the Elite Marketing Pro.

I've personally gone through the training and coaching, and I am confident that it will help tremendously with your network marketing business.

There are basically 3 levels of membership in the EMP:

If you want to learn more about each membership levels, click on the relevant links above.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

I hope that it is detailed enough for you to make an informed decision.

If you found this review helpful, please help to share it.

And, if you'd like to discuss more about the Elite Marketing Pro, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your pal,


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