Young Living Oils Scam – A perspective on the Business

young-living-mainName:  Young Living
Price: $40 (Minimum)
Owners: Gary Young

Bare Naked Scam rating: 1 Thumb Down


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Is Young Living a worthy opportunity?

Today I am not going to debate whether the Young Living Essential Oils are actually beneficial to human beings or whether other brands of essential oils are better than Young Living’s. We all know the benefits of Essential Oils and how it can help with our health (I will speak a little about how distributors violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act below).

Young-Living-Gary-YoungWhat I am going to discuss is the business side of Young Living and whether is it worth it for you to join as a distributor.

Young Living is a Multi-Level Company (MLM) which started its operation in 1993 by Dr. Gary Young. Gary Young’s vision is to bring the highest quality Essential oils to the market given that there are many altered or adulterated oils which were ineffective and harmful back in the day.

While the company is legit, there are definitely things that you should consider before joining Young Living. Things like whether or not the product is a need to many? Whether there is a demand for the product? Whether you will get proper training to sell the products? Whether the product is over-priced in the market? And many more.

In this review, I will cover most of the questions that I have brought out above. I hope you will take my words for consideration before you join Young Living.

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How to join the  Opportunity?

To join the opportunity and become a distributor of Young living, you need to purchase its minimum product package (Starter Kit). Young Living’s product packages range from $40 to $160.


Once you have purchased the Starter Kit, you are officially ready to be a distributor of Young Living.

Do You Get Proper Training?

Young-Living-ebola-scam-alertIt depends really. There are so many teams in Young Living and if you would have joined the wrong team then you are setup for failure. This is one thing I do not like about MLM companies. The training are never consistent and distributors receives different information through different group leaders. If you would have join a team who focuses on door-to-door sales, then your direction for marketing strategy will be door-to-door sales, if you join a team who focuses on selling online, then most likely you will follow your team. You get what I mean. Your team leader decides your success and failure.

Because essential oils are such dedicate products (it is sometimes seen as a drug), anyone can easily violate certain rules and regulation in its country. Without proper training and guidance, distributors will violate those regulations unknowingly. A recent scandal about how the essential oils of Young Living can cure ebola disease have caught the eye of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States. FDA have issued an official statement to the owner of Young Living to take down those “Rumours” circulating the internet. Check out the link below:

Young-Living-FDA-WarningThis is the result of improper training of its distributors which lead to the unethical selling of the Young Living products. The products were never tested and proven that it can cure diseases but yet its distributors were being “Creative” or rather unethical in their marketing techniques.

I do not blame the foot soldiers in Young Living (People like you and me who would join Young Living as a new distributor) but I blame it on its leaders. Imagine you join as a new distributor in Young Living and your sponsor or upline emphasises that this Essential Oil can cure cancer, naturally you would want to promote the product to cancer patients because you want to help them. But if you would have done further research and due diligence, you would have known that there are no clinically proven results to your sponsor’s claim.

So as I mentioned, it is really up to your sponsor or upline to determine your success and failure in the business, but of course your own hard work as well. I suggest you think twice and do much due diligence before joining any MLM opportunities.

Is this Business Suitable for anyone?

Definitely not! If this business is suitable for anyone, then there wouldn’t be a 95% failure rate. There are certain characteristics that you need to encompass in order to be successful in the MLM business.

The first question I always ask people when they are about to join an MLM company is, “Are you passionate about the product you will be selling?”, second question will be, “Are you willing to go all out to promote the product (by going all out I mean pestering everyone you know and also strangers to buy a product from you)?” and third question will be, “Will you persist on to be successful even if you do not see much results after a year?”.

I get answers like “Yes, Yes and Yes” from most people, but most of them quit after 3 months. Why? It is because they do not have the strong mentality to face tonnes and tonnes of rejection. In the sales line (By the way MLM is in the sales line), there are bound to be rejections, tonnes of it in fact. Many people take it to heart mostly because their close friends and relatives rejected their offer. It is only a small group of people who can withstand such rejections, those are the people who can succeed in the MLM industry.

One thing that I am certain about is that if you are not comfortable being a salesperson, you will most likely fail in this business. So it is really up to you to decide if you should join Young Living or an MLM company.

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Do you really NEED essential oils?

As FDA said, it is not scientifically proven that essential oils will cure diseases, in fact, if used without due care will cause further harm to a human body. Below you will find an extract of the letter from FDA to Young Living:


Clearly, scrapping all the “awesome effects” of the essential oils which is deemed unsafe by FDA, what is the use of essential oils then? Sure there may be positive effect plus great scent but don’t expect miracles to happen. If products of Young Living were to be approved by FDA as a cure for diseases, then it will be an easy sell. At this point, I can’t find any reason that anybody will have a need to buy Young Living products. There is abundance of cheaper and better essential oil brands nowadays, will there be a “need” for Young Living’s essential oils? I will let you decide…

My Sincere Advice to You

Like yourself, I have been wandering around many opportunities trying to find ways to make extra money. I searched for years but I didn’t make any money. I’ve joined many MLM companies like World Ventures, 5 Minute Mogul, DS Domination, Usana, Empower Network, Shopping Sherlock, but none of them ever made me any money, in fact I lost quite a bit of money to them.

You are free to join young Living though. Personally I have got nothing against Young Living as a company, but I just had to let you know the pitfalls before you enter the business so that you can be prepared of what is coming to you.

If you take my advice to stay away from MLM companies, I have an alternative solution for you to make money online. The way is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. There’s no selling, there’s no keeping records of inventory, and many more advantages. However, you must beware that there are many scams in the Affiliate Marketing industry as well. I went through the hard way to find my #1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Course. There is no other place that provide a hand-holding course better then my recommendation.

If you ever need advise on making money online, I am always here to help. You can contact me at my details below. As always, I invite your input on Young Living. Let me know if you have any thoughts and I shall be more than willing to discuss it with you. All you need to do is leave a comment below. If you find my article useful, please help to share it by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below. Thank You!

Your pal,


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Steen Rasmussen - Reply

To put it short. I am not participating more in something where I do not understand money in business.
Whether it is a good or bad product does not really matter.
If I do not understand the business and the payment I do not feel it has a purpose to spend time on it.
So far there is not anyone with an MLM business that has made me understand the Compensation Plan

Benito - Reply

First and foremost, I would like to thank and commend you for invite newbies who who would like to learn how to become successful with their online business. I will surely connect with you on Facebook to learn from you. Thank you once more for some honest reviews and a job well done. Will come back again.

Rufat - Reply

Great post Jack! Glad to know that you expose another scam known as Young Living. What I know from my experience is that if a program is a MLM one that means you must stay away from it to be on the safe side before you spend your hard earned money. To be honest, it’s not important what program you are talking about because if a program is a MLM, it’s enough to make a decision. The fact is all MLMs have a bad reputation on the internet and there are always tons of complaints around them and I don’t think Young Living is the exception.

Doug - Reply


Great review of Young Living! I wonder how big the company is by now if it started in 1993. Anyway, I steer clear of MLM companies because I’m not the best salesperson, so thanks a TON for the heads up!


Dan Labbe - Reply

Good review thanks for the info.

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