[Rank #9] Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam? – My Personal Experience

Opinion-Outpost-mainName:  Opinion Outpost / Opinion World
Website:  www.opinionoutpost.com
Price: Free
Owners: Survey Sampling International, LLC

Bare Naked Scam rating: 1 Thumb Up

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Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Scam?

Out of so many Survey companies out there. I find this to be one of the most reliable and trusted Company.

Firstly, it is totally free to join, there’s no gimmick, they do not push you to buy a product in the end.

Secondly, It delivers its promises, you get paid for completing Surveys. Opinion Outpost rewards its members by point system, you will generally make between 20 to 50 points for each completed survey.

100 points in Opinion Outpost equates to $10, so each survey you take, you will make between $2 to $5.

Though this is a great opportunity, if you want to take Opinion Outpost seriously and create a full-time income with it, I am afraid you might be disappointed.

Let me explain to you why.

For example, you might want to make $2,000 a month to supplement your household income, you probably have to do 570 surveys a month on average to make that money.

Each Survey will take approximately 15 to 45 Mins, and it will take you approximately 285 hours a month (71 hours a week) on average to complete that task.

The chances of you getting 570 Surveys a month is close to impossible.

I have experienced it myself and the most number of surveys I get in a day is 2. Furthermore, you do not qualify for all the surveys that are presented to you.

If you are doing the surveys for fun to make some pocket money, by all means, go for it. But if you are serious about making a full-time income online, then this opportunity is not for you.

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What must you know about Opinion Outpost?

You do not qualify for all Surveys

Though you get 2 survey invites a day, you may not qualify for every one of them. In fact, you may not even qualify for any of them. It really depends on the answers you provide in the initial survey questions. This is most frustrating if you want to make your first $10 out of Opinion Outpost. Unless, you are always lucky and you provide all the right answers to qualify for the survey, otherwise, you will never make a dime from this program.


The Survey is taking too long

Just take it that you are really focus on providing all the truthful answers for the survey, on average, you will take approximately 30 mins to complete. 30 mins for the mere $3, do you think it is worth it? I leave it up to you.

The most you can get out of Opinion Outpost may probably be a part-time income. But imagine that you need to stick to your computer for 8 hours a day just to complete surveys, I guess it is not the “job” you may be looking for, given that Opinion Outpost provide you with the opportunity.

For me, I would rather build an online business where my interest lies. I will get a bigger sense of accomplishment if I am making money the way I like it.

Opinion Outpost Rewards


Because I am located in Singapore, the point system might be a little different. 500 points to convert $15, means 10 points equates to $0.30 as compared to you folks from different countries who gets $3 for 10 points. Opinion outpost is really not in my favour from where I am standing.

Is Opinion Outpost Reliable?

Opinion Outpost is definitely reliable. Given my experience in the program, I have been fed with Surveys from reliable sources. The surveys are mainly from Government Bodies and big MNCs. The picture on the right shows a survey from “Media Development Authority of Singapore”, a Government Body.

You do not have to worry that your effort in completing the surveys will go to waste. These Government bodies and MNCs pays good money to collect valuable knowledge on consumer behaviour in order to customize a sales strategy that will boost their profits. So all these surveys are well supported by great sources and they make sure you get paid.

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I struggled 4 grueling months, with no ends in mind to finally get paid on the fifth month. You will realise that your efforts put into your own business is paid off when you finally make it. The only thing I ask of you is to persist till the very end.

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My Sincere Advice to You

If you are looking to make serious money online, Opinion Outpost is not for you. You will only make some extra pocket money and that’s it. Making Money Online is not a simple task as many people or so called “Guru” defines. It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and some creativity to build an income generating online business.

I know that this all might seem too overwhelming for you and you might be afraid that you do not have what it takes to be successful. Let me assure you that anyone can do it! You just need to have the right mindset. If you want to effect change to your personal financials, you have to get out of your current comfort level to reach a new height.

I highly suggest that you check out my #1 Recommended Online Business Course that can help you get started seamlessly. The way is up for you if you take my advice for it. I look forward to communicate more with you if you ever need any help to make money online.

As always, I invite you to share your opinion on Opinion Outpost. If you ever have/had experience with Opinion Outpost, please share it with me by leaving a comment below. If you find my article helpful in anyway, please help to share it with you friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below.

Your pal,


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douglas fedorcio - Reply

i’ve been doing opinion outpost for a few months with no issues. today I did surveys to top the 100pt threshold so I could redeem 100 pts for a $10 amazon gift card. I get the message it could be a week to resolve a problem, which of course they do not tell me what it is. they say that I can continue to do surveys, but when I attempt to log in, I find that my account has been locked. I see that I am not the only one suffering these problems.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Oh man. Another person experiencing this.

Margaret Armstrong - Reply

I spent many hours doing surveys. I put a lot of time and effort into doing them honestly. I built my account up to a little over $60 and was supposed to be receiving another $40 at a later date through that site for an online chat session that I participated in, but they froze my account when I tried to cash out. I waited about a month and half to 2 months before they finally made a decision after giving me the run around the entire time. They said they made a decision to permanently deactivate my account, and no reason was given. I had spent all that time and effort for about a month to a month and a half building up the money in my account, and then they say it’s deactivated for no reason. That’s not right.

M.Collins - Reply

Avoid this place. FRAUD. SCAM. They close account before paying you. I’ll place a complaint to authority and write to the media to make sure no one in Canada will use them again.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Maxime,

    I’ve just sent you an email, could you please check and reply to it? I wanna understand more about it so that I can give a more accurate review.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Lori Van - Reply

It’s a slow moving scam. I had been taking surveys for almost 2 years and averaged about $40 a month. I ALWAYS transferred the points once I hit 100, and all went smoothly until a few weeks ago when I “thought” I had transferred the points, but got a message that my account was frozen. They said I had violated their terms & conditions. LOL…. I’m a 75 year old woman, not some sneaky teenager. The only thing I can figure out is that I was making too much money off of them. They would not say what I had done wrong and of course would not give me the $10 I had earned. Yes, a scam for sure!

MAD - Reply

MAY 26 2017 –
H***ki Ya***a = It is taking a LONG time to hear back from anyone in the “Research Department.” I have a couple of calls and sent and e-mail, and that is that. What is going on with your system??
Opinion Outpost= Hello H***ki. We apologize the assessment is taking longer than expected. We understand your frustration about the process and you can be rest assured that we are actively reviewing accounts. Once the assessment is completed, we will contact you again via email. We hope you can still extend your patience with us on this matter.
H***ki Ya***a= Opinion Outpost It has now been 8 DAYS, and I have received silence only. The phone member service said two to three business days’ wait, so we are past that. What is going on with Opinion Outpost these days? Your member service seems to have fallen off the cliff.
H***ki Ya***a= Opinion Outpost It has now been two full weeks, and not even a “boo” from your “research department.” I am just about to let Opinion Outpost go, unless something changes before the end of the week. I am feeling very unhappy and rather disrespected after having contributed a great amount of time and efforts to Opinion Outpost over the years.

JUN 6 2017
M***c* M***r J**o= I’m still frozen. It’s been weeks and I have emailed at least 12 times. I called and left several messages and finally got an email back from them about 2 weeks ago saying they would fix the issue. Alas, nothing has been fixed. If companies are looking to hire a firm to do research for them at this point i would advise them to look elsewhere. I will be posting my problems with Opinion Outpost on as many review websites as I can as it’s ridiculous to me that after being with them for 7 years, they can’t seem to fix my issue.
J****n M*****l= they unfroze mine, then as soon as I went to cash out… froze it again
Opinion Outpost= Hello Monica. We understand you want your account issue to be resolved soon. Unfortunately, the department who is responsible for analyzing and reactivating frozen accounts is our Accounts department. J****n M*****l We apologize for the inconvenience. If you want to make an appeal, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

MAY 19
Do**** N***one H****y= i have connected the help cents a few times and i have still not have heard from them or been able to log onto my account.
Opinion Outpost= Hello Do**** N***one H****y. Please send us a private message with your survey email address.
Do**** N***one H****y= will do ty (MAY 19)
Do**** N***one H****y= i havnt heard anything yet (MAY 23)

L***a R****s= You probably wont Do**** N***one H****y. Ive had an ongoing issue with my account, my husband was on the phone with them twice, telling him to wait three to five business days, and we did, and when I went to try and login, it said that my account was temporarily disabled, than when he spoke to them again, again, they gave him the same crap story ,and again we waited, and when I went to login today, it said my account was frozen due to data concerns, which is BS!!

JUN 9 2017
Be*** Be****s*i= I have tried to contact you for two weeks, I have called, emailed and sent messages through here,,,My account was frozen for some unknown reason. I have points just sitting there. Can someone help me, I have been a member in good standing for years.
Opinion Outpost= Hello Be***. We understand you want your account issue to be resolved soon. Unfortunately, the department who is responsible for analyzing and reactivating frozen accounts is our Accounts department.

JUN 10 2017
Ma** W***r**h= I realize that everyone is saying this, but I don’t care, I am going to say it too! I spent over 3 hours today trying to get $10 and finally I got it! I was so happy and thought this was a legit website. When I went to cash out to PayPal, it automatically froze my account. If possible, try to help me instead of giving your support number and email that isn’t even active! PLEASE HELP!


Gloria - Reply

After I made 100 pt with opinion outpost they did not reward me.

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