Is Enagic a Scam?

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The Enagic Review

Let me guess, you’ve landed on this review because you are approached by one of Enagic’s distributor (or probably from programs such as Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) or Digital Genius Lab) to join this amazing business opportunity, right?

I am sure the Enagic’s distributor has shared many exciting facts about the company, its products, its health benefits and how you can make good monthly income from the company by being your own boss.

All these sound awesome, but, can you really profit from it?

You see, there are plenty so called business opportunities out there that promise “groundbreaking” results and “never-before-seen” compensation systems.

But, the problem is, 95% of the people who tried those business opportunities failed, and those business opportunities will never disclose this information to you prior to your sign up.

So, does ENAGIC fall into the category?

Unfortunately, Yes.

Much of those business opportunities I am talking about, including ENAGIC, is in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, and the statistics I’ve shared is the industry norm.

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I’ll be sharing with you the reasons why 95% of the people fail in the business opportunities in this review, so look out for it.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly is ENAGIC.

What is ENAGIC?

ENAGIC’s core product is called KANGEN Water which is created with their state of the art water ionization machines. It will be your job as a distributor to promote and sell these ionization machines.

Enagic-productsPeople can sign-up as distributors to promote the products and earn commissions. And there’s plenty of marketing material that you can use to recruit more members and sell products.

During the main presentation video, doctors are filmed speaking about the many benefits of this water and how it makes it easier for you to lose weight. Some even claim this type of water cures cancer and a wide range of diseases.

The company was created in 2003 and founded in United States, since then, it has spread to many different countries. There are also a lot of offices in third-world countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

How Do You Make Money with ENAGIC?

For starters, new members will have to purchase a starters pack that explains the details of ENAGIC and also includes some promotional material that you can use to recruit new members.

Like most multi-level marketing schemes, ENAGIC members can collect referrals under them, and those referrals can collect more referrals, creating a team that sends cash up the chain to the original team creator.

The idea for each member to recruit 34 additional people to join their marketing team and work together to make sales and commissions.

Of course, there’s not mention of the fact that it’s not easy for the average person to recruit 34 people to a water distribution business.

But you can also make money by selling the water ionizers and that’s the most popular way to make money with the company’s distributor platform. These machines are made in Japan and distributed in America. The most popular filtration machine model is SD501.

Still, selling water ionization machines is not something that comes easy to most people and you’ll need to do a lot of research to find leads.

Nevertheless, if you’re committed and you know which establishments to target, there’s potential to earn a decent income with this business. Some members claim that they don’t even have to promote the machine but rather people come to them.

Of course, these claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

You can also choose to promote several other products such as supplements and filters but the most profitable product to promote is the ionization machine.

Each unit costs just under $4,000 which means the commissions are quite high too. Most ENAGIC members make their income from selling these machines.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself:

Is this machine really better than the other water ionizers out there?

Is it really worth the $4,000 price tag?

Does it really remove all harmful chemicals from water?

Is drinking pure water really that important?

Can you find enough people to buy these units to support your family?

One customer, in a review published online, states that his daughter suffered from a rare and dangerous bladder disease. The doctors apparently didn’t know how to treat the disease, but after purchasing a water ionizing machine, and drinking water regularly, the disease disappeared without a trace, baffling the doctors.

There seems to be a balance between negative and positive reports from customers, there are quite a few complaints from members who attempted to refund the machine, unbroken and un-opened, but the company refused to offer a refund.

Let’s also not forget about the members who straight up lost money to the company and never received fair compensation for their loss. You have to buy into the company with a starter’s pack in order to become a distributor and most people don’t know how to promote the products so they don’t make any money back.

Oxidization Reducation Potential Enagic Water

It’s debatable if drinking ionized water is better for you than regular water, there’s really no evidence to support the claim. There are even quite a few scientific papers debunking common myths associated with ionized and alkalized water.

Enagic-k8ORP stands for Oxidization Reduction Potential and it’s a way to measure the quality of various chemicals, including water.

The Enagic company claims their machines make water that will contain a reading of -200 to -400 ORP.

The less oxide the better because the oxidation process leads to rust on metals and deteriorates other materials.

But there are other, cheaper, water ionizers that can filter water with even lower ORP levels. Still, it’s important to not obsess about this numbers because it’s not about finding the water with the lowest ORP levels.

For reference, most tap water has a ORP level of around + 500 while bottled water has around + 200 while natural spring water has a rating of +150.

In addition, comparing ORP levels is difficult and it’s not a solid factor that you should use to judge the quality of water. Let’s also not forget that the source of water plays an important role as well.

Tap water from one area, filtered with a water ionizer, may not have the same ORP levels as water from a different area, also filtered with a water ionizer.

Remember, ORP is only one factor that is used to determine the quality of water, there are many other factors to consider as well such as mineral content, nutrients, vitamins, and more.

Just because a certain type of water has a positive ORP rating does not mean it will damage your health. Consider the other factors as well.

Overall, these ionization machines do an excellent job at removing free radicals and harmful chemicals from water.

On the other hand, though this water does contain less chemicals than tap water and bottled water, the healthiest option would be pure spring water as it collects minerals and vitamins from free-flowing streams.

Why 95% of its distributors fail in the Business?

Its great that the KANGEN Water increases your quality of life, and you are very excited to share it with other people.

One thing you need to know is that not everyone thinks and feels the same way as you do.

You have good intention for sharing the KANGEN Water, but others might not feel the same way.

Believe me, I have been through that stage and thought that everyone will be interested in what I am sharing, but I was so wrong.

Because of the high rate of rejection, you need a constant flow of people (leads) whom will be interested in the products that you are sharing in order to be successful.

But, the problem is, you will run out of leads if you do not know where to find them.

You sponsors/upline will tell you this:

  • Make a list of people whom you know will be interested in the Business
  • Call and fix appointment with them or do a three way call with your sponsor
  • Push your list to become a ENAGIC distributor
  • Ask for referral

The problem with the list is, they are all your friends and family. I have heard of many relationships being destroyed because of these business opportunities. Your friends and family started to avoid you and you will feel miserable.

There are many other factors that drives a distributor to failure but, these are the 2 main ones.

Also, your sponsor or leader is the main person who can determine your success or failure.

You have to ensure that the person (the Leader) you follow is one who will put your interest first.

What I mean is that your leader should be the one who will patiently guide and support you to become a great sales person.

Never join someone who will dodge difficult questions, and call you names when they don’t know how to answer you. I guess this happens a lot in Enagic.

If you have that experience, please feel free to share it at the comment section below.

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So, Is ENAGIC a Scam?

So let’s get back to the point, is this company a scam?

I truly believe that ENAGIC is a legit and great company, and its products do help improve a persons well being. However, I am not so sure about the business opportunity.

The ENAGIC opportunity may seem attractive, but to be successful in it, you need to have the passion, the tenacity, and the drive to make things happen.

A minute group of people achieved success with the company, but, the majority faces many problems to progress. Some people take weeks to be successful, while most can’t find success even if they are in it for at least a year.

In my opinion, it is great to use the ENAGIC product, and not to promote it.

My Sincere Advice to You

If you truly want to be successful from the comfort of your home, I would suggest that you do it step-by-step by following this course.

This course has guided hundreds and thousands of people to make money online. In my opinion, this is the most important skill that you need in life to be self sufficient.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me on ENAGIC by leaving a comment below. I will be more than happy to respond to your queries if there’s any.

If you find this article useful, please, feel free to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons below.

Your pal,


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Scott - Reply

I am considering joining a team of “affiliate marketers” who sell these water systems. Is it more beneficial to be part of a group who claims to teach you yo market the products? The process presents like a scam. They say you’re selling these systems but youre really selling the business opportunity that forces you to buy the water machine to qualify as a distributor. Not sure how i feel about it.

Tony - Reply

I’m thinking of joining this business as well.. I thought buying a machine was an option. Plus you still earn commissions..

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Unfortunately no, you’ll have to purchase the products to earn the commission. That’s how the MLM business works.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Billi solverson - Reply

Enagic is a total scam. You pay $99 to listen to their webinar, which is misleading and boring as hell. I asked my so-called mentors questions but all they could respond was to book the training call to get the answers, well here is the catch, once you have booked that training call you can no longer get your money back. But the info you need, pricing financing the process, is all in that TRAINING call..Not training, sales. The coach/sales person in his own words said, “we never advertise the product, no one is interested in the product they are interested in the business…” excuse you may as well be selling empty boxes.. on top of that after having paid the advertising to bring in the leads you don’t get to do anything with them, your upline coach does the sales pitch/training call and gets paid to do it. If you want to own half a dozen overpriced ionizers to try to make that money back go for it.. if you just want the machine look on kijij there arre tons still n the box, dumped ther eby the poor fools who got sucked in

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Oh man! Such great company with great products got denominated into a pyramid scheme because of some greedy and unscrupulous “Salesman”.

    I hope the authorities or the company itself, will stop these group of distributors.

    MLM should always focus on the sale of the product and not the business opportunity, otherwise it will be seen as a pyramid.

    Thanks for your tip Billi!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Mary ScottNaqeeb - Reply

I do believe this may be a business scam and by reading some of the comments it appears that this company is new it’s just trying to sell the new machines I do not have a problem with that they stated it is free to join them and I guess like all business they need a lot of people to have a up going website if they are scam artists I’ll be more than happy to report them to the authorities I have nothing else to do we have enough scammers as it is I will pay nothing to join and I do not mind the product that they’re selling Mary Scott naqeeb

    Jack Cao - Reply

    In my opinion, I don’t think the company is a scam, but I think that the management has not been in touch with the marketing tactics of its distributors.

    Just a few days ago, I saw an Enagic distributor posting landing pages that recruits people into the business opportunity (there was no focus on the product sales at all).

    So, if the Enagic management see this comment, I think its best that you do a check on your distributors.

    It is definitely tough to manage a huge group of distributors, but its still the company’s responsibility to enforce its policy and procedures, before the FTC comes down on you.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Jim Fleming - Reply

I would LOVE to know if the company referred to in the above comments, which I believe is headquartered in Vancouver, is on the up and up. The testimonials given are very motivating. They have a facebook group that is VERY responsive to questions and very supportive. But my “spidey sense” is tingling so I am sitting on the fence. Maybe the $99. I spent is a good price to pay to be able to learn a bit about Internet marketing . I don’t know. I want what they say to be true but I am still not sure. Any insight you can provide is welcome.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Jim,

    Are you referring to Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) for the online marketing training?

    Anyway, I personally feel that online marketing training should not be geared towards promoting one product. You should have the flexibility to promote any kinds of product you want.

    So, the Online Marketing Training that you’ll get is basically for you to promote Enagic, which I recommend not paying for it.

    Enagic should train its members (distributors) to promote the products for free. They shouldn’t be asking for enrollment fees for their training program. Essentially, it is the distributors who will earn them the money, they shouldn’t be earning from them.

    If you truly want to learn how to do online marketing (where you can promote any products you want online), then I will suggest that you check out this program.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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