Is Empowr a Scam? – The truth revealed!!!

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What is Empowr? Is it a scam?

I am sure you have tonnes of questions relating to Empowr. Trust me, I do too. My aim of this article is to voice my opinion, and to help people understand what Empowr really is.

Empowr is the new name for Fanbox, and if you do not know what Fanbox is, you should check it out here. It explains the history of what Empowr truly is.

Empowr is an upgraded version of Fanbox, with a nicer looking user interface, new features, but the same old tricks. In general, Empowr is just like any other social network (Facebook, Google Plus, etc), but the main difference is that the purpose of Empowr is driven by money, while the purpose of other social media platforms is driven by social value.

The main idea of Empowr is to allow people with similar interest to congregate, and to earn money sharing things that are relevant, however, the way you are taught to use Empowr opposes the purpose of the program . So, what exactly is Empowr for?

As I went through the Empowr’s user interface, more question marks popping up. One of the most puzzling questions that I have for Empowr is that there is no clear guide as to how much you can earn from posting and sharing. Wouldn’t you be curious to know how much you can earn for each post or each share?

A few days after signing up with Empowr, I received an email and was told that I made $4.28 without performing any tasks, so how exactly did I make the money? Is it just some random number that is plucked from the sky?

One thing for sure is that you have to pay money to Empowr in order to cash out. So is it really worth it? I will discuss this below.

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How do Empowr make money?

In other words, you pay money to make money. Does it make sense to you?

Here’s how it really works:

  1. In order to cash out, you have to provide either your credit card details or a PayPal account, and when you provide your payment details, you have to agree to this:empowr-auto-billing
  2. Without you knowing, when you post something on Empowr, you automatically use their Ad Credits. If you have provided your payment details and have accepted to the above terms, you will automatically be charged on your credit card or your PayPal account if you use more than $2 worth of advertising fee. Remember, this advertising fee is levied each time you perform an activity on Empowr, moreover, you will be charged a 2.9% ad platform fee on a monthly basis.
  3. Any earnings that you make from Empowr takes 90 days (3 months) to mature, but it takes you a few seconds to pay their advertising fees. Does it make sense to you? Why you can’t cash out immediately if you have paid their advertising fee?

I posted a question to my “Success Coach” 3 days ago, but I did not receive a reply.

My question was, “how much exactly do I earn from each share and each post?”.

I guess nobody can answer this question except for the creators of Empowr. Wouldn’t it be weird to do so many things on Empowr, and not knowing exactly how much you make from each activity?

Empowr claims that this:

The company’s patented platform aims to provide economic opportunities for its citizens and return 97 percent of company revenues to them.”

Technically, Empowr is earning money from its citizens (YOU) if they pay into the program.

If you take an overview of this program, it is basically a transfer of wealth from one person (the one who made a loss) to another (the one who profited), and the program is an intermediary which charges you a fee for using its advertising platform.

So what purpose does Empowr serve? In addition, how would you know that 97% of its revenue is returned to its citizens?

Let me ask you a simple question, “What is the main purpose of advertisement?” It is to promote your products or services right? In Empowr, you are advertising even if you do not have a product or service, does it make sense?

Facebook has the advertisement function that Empowr has, the only difference is that Facebook earns money (Advertising fee) from people who truly has a product or service, but Empowr earns from its citizens even if they do not have a product or service to promote.

Real User Experience



These are screenshots from Empowr’s Facebook wall.

Empowr’s Mission is to help Poverty?

In my opinion, if a company really wants to help poverty, would it ask you to pay money before being able to cash out? Once they get hold of your credit card or PayPal details, it is hard to say if you will make more money than what you spend. As you already know, you might be charged a fee without you knowing.

People living in poverty may not even have a computer to begin with. And if they have a computer, will they understand how Empowr works? Will they truly make money from the program?

It is said that Empowr supports 82 charitable causes, I would like to know what causes are they supporting.

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Buying and Selling on Empowr?

Empowr has a function that allows you to trade items (products or services) with your Empowr Network. This function is called the “Marketplace”. It works like eBay if you are buying or selling products, and it works like if you are providing or engaging a service, services like Data Entry,etc.

Well, you know eBay has gone through many hoops to ensure that their sellers deliver their products as promised, and any disputes will be handled by eBay themselves.

eBay even guarantees this:

“In some cases when we determine the seller was not responsible, we may refund the buyer at our own expense.”

You can check out eBay’s Buyer Protection here.

Whilst Empowr said this:


Sure, Empowr ensures that its sellers deliver their products by providing a buyer’s protection feature, which is none other than a mere rating function. The question is, “Is it enough?”. Check out this link which explains.

The only dispute resolution your can get is through the success coaches, but the problem is, are the success coaches trained enough to handle such disputes? For all you know, the success coaches are just citizens of Empowr, untrained to handle disputes. Check out the criteria to be a success coach here.

So if you ask me if I will ever buy anything from Empowr, my answer is NO.

What is your opinion on this? Please share your opinions by leaving a comment below.

The Social Value in Empowr…

Do you know the reason for why Social Media exist? It exists for people to connect with each other, and to share interests.

I am sure the main reason to join Empowr, for most members, is to make money, and to make money from Empowr, you have to share or post stuff. Instinctively, you will start sharing or posting mindless things on Empowr just so that you get an opportunity to make money from it.

So, what is the social value of Empowr? Please share your views in the comments section below this review.

When you use Facebook, and you post stuff like your personal photos or videos, and you hope that your friends and family will see it, like it or maybe leave a comment. This creates social value, and it improves your relationship with your friends and family.

What happens in Empowr is totally opposite. The main drive for you to “post”, “share” or “like” stuff on Empowr is money, and not to connect with others. In my opinion, this social platform is fundamentally wrong. Just to give you an example, someone has posted a question on Empowr:


It has gotten 34 “Likes” in 3 hours, but no one is sharing their experiences or posting any comments. I feel this question is relevant to the program and it creates social value if someone responds to it. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

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Fake Testimonials?



I tried to find “Nathan Lee” and “Serena Villanueva” in other social media platforms and I couldn’t find them. If you find them, please, help to share.

Daily Earnings Statement?

Have you been receiving “Daily Earnings Statement” in your email from Empowr? I bet you do, tonnes of it. As you probably know, these earnings can only be cashed out if you provide your credit card details or your PayPal account.

Furthermore, you have to consider the amount of money you have spent unknowingly to achieve the said earnings. For me, as you can see I made $9.39 on February 2016 (picture below), and I have checked my Ad Credit balance and it shows that I have utilized $8.91 of advertisement fees, which means my net earnings is $0.48. On top of that, in order to cash out, I still have to pay 2.9% Ad platform fee on a monthly basis, so what am I left with?

The big joke is that I still have to wait for 90 days (3 months) in order to cash out that minute earnings.


My 2 cents on Empowr

Empowr is a complicated system that not many will understand. Some might even lose money using Empowr. In order to truly understand how Empowr charges its fees, you need to read all the terms and condition carefully before you agree to it.

In my opinion, I feel that the purpose Empowr is fundamentally wrong as it do not provide social value to its citizens. Fees should be charged to advertisers and not to its citizens. If Empowr truly takes care of your interest, shouldn’t they make money from its advertisers and return 97% of the profits to you, rather than charging you a fee for whatever you are posting?

Please help to share this article if you think it helps you understand more about Empowr. If you like to voice your opinion on this program, please do so by leaving a comment below, and if you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below.

Your pal,


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Fred - Reply

In fanbox, i have an earning of USD 4,982.08 which i could still open at facebook, but when i tried to cash out, a reply was sent that i need to pay about USD 600 or more through paypal or Visa Card. I wrote to them if they could just deduct it from my earnings but no reply. Today, if i open it from facebook, it will bring me to empowr and my current earnings of 357.68 which i cannot cash out. There was a message from them that i can cash out 1.43 dollars or so, i was thinking why that very small amount when i have more than 300 dollars. I was not able to cash it out then because they were asking my paypal account.

Rod - Reply

Don’t know if it was the same one, but the promo I saw was a fast talking young man in front of what looked like a sliding glass door that led out to a pool…. looked like a cheap hotel room. Fast talking. Don’t think just react. It is my experience to walk quickly backwards holding your billfold when facing a sales person with this attitude. The only upside of the experience was that the refund process was relatively quick. Not something I would try again. Thanks for posting this review. Going to check out your link. Has your experience been better?

Aeshad - Reply

Simple answer
If it is scam then how long it can run. How a scam can be promoted in USA when strict laws are there. Why not they close it.

Who have no idea to work and earn they called scam. Why not you look for ” Many people paid by empowr”

when you attach card it says you if you not agree or dont understand then why do that validation. You can get refund if charged , does scam site return?

Dont miss lead or get proper knoledge before you post here.

Dont show one side review.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I guess you are not aware of Empowr’s past. I am not sharing these information without any knowledge or backing. I am sharing these information because I understand how Empowr works in the past. I won’t say much here but just read the comments in these articles about Empowr’s past (Fanbox):

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    santosh - Reply

    Just i need confirmation from you that are you getting cash out from Empowr. I am facing more problem to get cash outs.
    I fed up that its all trash and doing funny business with us.

    Please revert with your answer.

    Lakeya McEachron - Reply

    I l ike that, I am an Empowr citizen and although their concept is different, it works. Understand that anything you do will require money. You have to spend money to make money. Take your time and research the company for yourself. Just because one person doesn’t understand, doesn’t mean you should lose out too. And the information in reference to auctions is wrong, payment is not received by seller until product is delivered to buyer. Empowr holds the money.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    So have you receive any money? Many users here want to know.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Ionut Ghionoiu - Reply

    Let’s connect. I want more details

    Dahsea - Reply

    There is only one truthful side, Aeshad.

    If this is a legitimate business, why are they spamming me despite the fact that I never signed up?
    And why are they telling me I have earnings when I have no account with them?

    They are scammers. They got my email from somewhere and are trying to swindle me. Why? They are swindlers, that’s why.

    Jack - Reply

    LOL: “Strict laws” in the US only protect corporations and the wealthy. There are no laws in the US protecting the average person.

    Dannielle Obenchain - Reply

    There are scams here in the US all the time! It’s very easy to be scammed online. Not sure what strict laws your talking about but the scammers have to be caught for that too even matter in the first place. Most online scammers aren’t even in the US. Sadly people are gullible lazy and stupid. They want something for nothing as fast as possible so they fall for the stupid emails and other online scams.

    Boubou Galle - Reply

    Assalaamu Alayk. Whoever asks for refund from Empowr, their account will be deleted.
    Don’t get fooled by the smoke screen. Empowr is a scam.
    We are gathering all the evidence to prove it, beyond any doubt.
    Come check our Group at Facebook.

    Shelly Huff - Reply

    Sounds like scam to me glad I saw this before signing up.

Athal Kumar - Reply

Just to let you know that this site is not a scam. Yes the site has fees, and there are rules to cashout. But if the site is understood properly and used then you can earn from it. Myself and my friends have cashed out from this site.

People incur a loss when they do not understand the site properly and use it. Every user has been allotted a success coach who will help you attain success. If a citizen does not contact his coach how can he expect help.

Yes, as you said success coaches are also regular citizens. But they are the one who know the most about this site. It is not easy to become a success coach. You have to excel in all the exams and undergo a training before they are assessed whether or not they have full knowledge of the site. Even the messages which are sent go thorugh Audits to make sure they are giving the correct information to the clients. If any coach is found giving incorrect information they will be first warned to correct themselves and if the continue the same they will be removed from the success coach programme.

You can contact me for cashout proofs and any further clarifications or help about this site.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I am sure you get paid, just like Fanbox when it first started. In my opinion, it is just a matter of time before Empowr becomes the next Fanbox. A leopard never changes its spot.

    As much as I like to believe Empowr is good for its users, and I thought that Empowr has changed its ways, unfortunately, I see the same system, same issues, but just different brand and name.

    I quote several comments below from past users of Fanbox:

    FanBox robbed me of my money. They charged me IPL processing fee in my paypal account and immediately removed my account. I have pending 90-day matured earnings to be cashed out but they removed my account. I worked hard for that earnings and waited for a long time to cash out but they removed my account just because I was criticizing the president. I feel stupid allowing myself to be a wiling victim to their scheme. What a shame.

    Yah, Fanbox or empower as its new name now is a BIG SCAM!!! They loan you money but charges you for IPL fees and dreaded additional charge if you happen to be overdue with your payment. And worst, you can’t control your account as contrary to what they are saying. They will give you power without your approval and charges you for penalty when you refund what they charges.

    you can’t even cashout your money without turning on your earnings for a minimum of 90 days.

    worst you must spend the whole day liking and posting to earn – even worst – you are earning as much as your Power user allows you to earn regardless how much hours you sent.

    Now i want to get out but I Just saw that my money is again less than to pay for the IPL they said I used.

    – Source: Here

    I just cancelled out of FanBox. My advise to others who may want to join FanBox – keep out! I have been a member of FanBox for more than two years and in the process was able to “earn” more than $17,000.00 which were actually paper and fake earnings. They kept on increasing “funds” for boosting or other investment schemes like loans lent out to you over which you have no control, but paid IPL fees for their use. Bottom line I paid more in terms of IPL fees than what I got in so-called cashouts. For those still with FanBox, note that FanBox keep on coming out with new policies like their so-called New User Boost which makes it difficult to cashout in the long run while paying so much in IPL fees.

    Hope this puts you into perspective.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Vikas attri - Reply

    Please show me some proof I am from delhi
    And just started it this month around a week before
    That will be so kind of you if you can show some proof of cash outs.
    Thank you

    malli - Reply

    hi athal kumar,

    i am a member of empowr. my balance is $314 . i have paypal account. now what i am doing for payout?

    marjorie painaga - Reply

    hi.. can i cash out without a credit card account? and how?
    pls. contact me at this

    shah - Reply

    hi can i get the payment proof which u received payments from empowr

    jasmine Smith - Reply

    Hey I was wondering what are the fees you pay before cashing out

    Thomas Mckaughan - Reply

    You are an empowr employee shill. No picture equals a hiding liar.

    ali shah - Reply

    i need a help and guidance in this site brother


    hi can you show me proof of your pay out from empowr? i am tired of scams

Chris - Reply

I’ll put this as an example version. I’m a user of not but You make money off posting,sharing,liking,blogging,advertising, and friending others. Lets say you’ve made 900 bucks in one month. Small amount technically to what an average person might make but its an example. Your utilized credits must be paid back at 2.9% of what was used. So even saying you used 900 credits making 900 bucks, you pay 2.9% of the 900 being less than 27 bucks for it. Depending on your power level determines what amount each month you’d pay as a power user. $6 monthly being the lowest. When you upgrade if you pay attention to your balance, a deduction is made each time you chose to upgrade or if set up to auto upgrade. You can set it whether or not you want to upgrade but by upgrading you make more. You don’t have to hook up anything, bank card paypal account nothing. You can have it set up to get checks if you want ( its an option but its small, most people miss it, they’d probably rather you do it electronically it makes easier) and you pay the fees in 90 days when you cash out, out of your balance. You can chose to set it up that way, they give you 3 options. Whatever you made that first month you have to wait 90 days to receive. This month is march, so lets say you made 900 bucks this month and you are the lowest power user. Your utilized credits are at 900. 2.9% of 900 is less than 27 bucks, 6 bucks times 3 months is 18 bucks, you pay $46 out of your matured funds to receive 854 bucks in cash. You’d have to wait 90 days to get that 854 bucks tho, so you’d get it on june 30th. April would be paid on July 30th and so. But technically that 6 a month comes directly out of your balance so it would be 27 bucks out of 900.
Also you have an option what power user you want to be. You can get a refund for the payment difference from your balance when you previously upgraded and receive the money back to your balance. You can be the highest one paying $25,000 a month or whatever, refund it back into your account by downgrading power users and have more money and rebuild your power levels back up by doing what you did the first time and then cash out that money with your other money after its matured. Having more money, they give you that option.
That above statement about it taking money out of your paypal account is only if you set it up that way. You can set it up you don’t pay anything until after your money is matured with your matured money. So your not spending any money. You don’t have to spend anything at all, thats how it’s designed. I have my paypal account hooked to it and they charged me $0.01 and paid it back in 2 seconds as an initial fee. I’m guessing penny stock trade so they can make more money but thats just assuming. They’ve never did anything else at all after that.
They are here to help you, people just think the worst of everything. No bad reviews have been sent to the BBB. They find no fraud within it.
Its meant to make you money, it’s easy theres videos explaining what and how to do everything. My coach responds to me, if yours doesn’t you can ask for a new one. Coachs are people like you that got paid an extra $1000 bucks after they became a 2nd degree orange user and passed the exam for the coach position. Empowr has a seperate page that answers all questions on a “most asked question” page and explains everything similar to I did above. Its not possible to lose money on this, you can close your account out whenever free of charged. Its meant to make you money. They’re making 3% you make 97% but there making 3% off of 100,000 people so technically they’d be making more than everyone.
You found something worth doing you just have to pay attention, keep your gauges in the green by posting sharing liking blogging selling and fanning people. You can also add a friend for 20 bucks per friend (you can only have 100 friends theres a limit but unlimited fans) so if you have 100 friends thats $2000 right off the back, sometimes when you refer a friend or your refered it gives you a bonus option for $50 per friend. All these its a scam, it’s because they don’t know what they’re doing and thinking wrong about whats happening. If you set up your account to not pay anything until you cash out and pay with your matured funds than you lose no money and basically made free money. The more you do the more you make. If you do it right you can make $5000 a month, even if the ad credits are at 5000 you pay 2.9% being less than 150 bucks out of the $5000. Anything else is on the empowr help page. Hope it helps because i basically told you everything. It’s not a scam, it’s more like hey guys lets switch from facebook to empowr and get paid to do it.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks for your great info!

    I think your point of view is good on an individual level, but let me post a question on an overview.

    Question: Take your example of making $5,000, and having to pay only 2.9% which is $145. Who foots the bill for the remaining $4,855 to you?

    Empowr is a new name of Fanbox, and if you search Fanbox on BBB you will see tonnes of compliants, and furthermore, BBB’s rating are not as trustable as you think. Just read this article.

    Also, just check out the comments section of my Fanbox review.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Profit Alerts - Reply

    Man…. So much talk. Answer me 1 question smart ass: Have you been able to get cash out your matured earnings yet while using 2.9% BS? I bet you did not and if so SHOW PROOF! The 2.9% option means: That you are not able to cash out anything! Not untill you choose the option to pay for 50% ad fee yourself and even then you wont get paid your matured earnings because of the fact that this empowr scam “gives” you ad credits for “free” each month (without you even asking for it!) what could be the exact ammount or more in round numbers the ammount you have on you empowr balance! Meaning: In the end you will feel like a donkey strapped with a carrot (matured earnings) in front of his face NEVER to be able to eat it (BECAUSE OF THE AD CREDITS YOUR FORCED TO PAY OF WITH YOUR MATURED EARNINGS, AD CREDITS “GIVEN TO YOU FOR FREE” AD CREDITS YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASKED FOR OFFCOURSE BUT THAT IS HOW THEY WILL KEEP YOU RUNNING ARROUND IN CIRCELS LIKE A FOOL, LIKE A DONKEY CHASING A CARROT STRAPPED DANGLING INFRONT OF YOUR FACE: WHILE THEY ARE LAUGHING LOUD PLUNDERING YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BLAMING YOU FOR USING AD CREDITS SO YOU NOW HAVE TO PAY AD FEE BECAUSE OF THE AD CREDITS THEY HAVE FORCED ON YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE EXPLAINED TO YOU CLEARLY WHAT EMPOWR REALLY IS: A SCAM! )

    Christina Cosme - Reply

    Thanks for clearing that up I have only been doing empowr for a week but after reading this I am definitely more excited about making money!

    Dahsea - Reply

    Go spin it somewhere else, “Chris.” If empowr is so legit, why are they skimming emails off LinkedIn and auto-generating accounts? Why? I’ll tell you why. They are crooks, plain and simple.

    mmdia - Reply

    did you cash out any money until now from empowr?

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