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Description: Before you know it, you'll be spending tens of thousands on their "Personal Development" products. The problem is, do you really need to spend thousands of dollars to develop yourself? Here's the most detailed Prosperity of Life Scam review you'll read.

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Prosperity of Life Scam – A true review from a customer

Let me guess, your friend or someone whom you know, talked to you about Prosperity of Life, and you wanted to know if it is a scam or if it is a legitimate business opportunity.

You’ve come to the right place because I am going to share with you the stuff that no distributors dare to tell you.

We are going to deep dive into the program and you are going to learn everything about it before you make an informed decision.

Rest assure that I am NOT someone who voice my opinion without any grounds.

I’ve paid for the membership and have access to the back office, and I am going to walk you through behind the scenes of what Prosperity of Life is all about.

So, let’s dive in…

[UPDATE] True Experience from Prosperity of Life’s Ex-Customers

Recently, I’ve chat with a few people who’ve paid thousands of dollars to Prosperity of Life, and they’ve shared with me their personal experience with the program.

They didn’t share they experience in the comment section below because they wanted to stay anonymous for many good reasons.

But, they’ve allowed me to share their stories with you for as long as they stay anonymous…

Prosperity of Life review - true experience from ex-members 1

Prosperity of Life review - true experience from ex-members 2

What is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life was formerly known as Polaris Global.

The company was founded by Shane and Rachel Krider.

Prosperity of Life - Liberty League - Scam AlertYou might be interested to know that Shane Krider, was one of the founders of a known pyramid scheme called Liberty League back in 2009 that scammed $5 Million of people’s hard earned money.

And now, he is back.

Similar to Liberty League, Prosperity of Life only cost you $49.95 to purchase the Startup kit.

Once you are a member, they’ll use pressured sales tactics to get you to spend tens of thousands of dollars for “personal development courses” and “conferences”.

In one of the training sessions, they even ask you to take a loan just to buy their courses so that you can “earn it back”.

Here’s the thing, I find Prosperity of Life very similar to Liberty League.

Prosperity of Life has several product lines that cost $1,497, while Liberty League has a product line that cost $1,495, all of which are in the personal development space.

Then, Prosperity of Life has two types of “conferences”, one costing $7950 and the other which cost $12,950, while Liberty League has two conferences as well, one that cost $7,995 and the other that cost $12,995.

Does it look similar to you?

If you want to learn more about Shane Krider and Liberty League, you can read this article.

Well, up to this point, I think you know how the rest of the review is going to play out.

But, if you are still interested to learn more about the program, let’s dive deeper…

Prosperity of Life Scam? My Personal Opinion…

After spending hours upon hours on the training programs, I’ve come to a conclusion.

I could have spent my time on better things.

I wouldn’t say that their training program is worthless, but it is geared towards self-promoting.

Meaning, it will focused on teaching you how to promote Prosperity of Life.

You see, Shane Krider said that their audience are entrepreneurs who are struggling with their business.

Yet, their Facebook ads draw in people who aspire to earn money from home.

And, the way to earn money from home is to promote Prosperity of Life.

As an entrepreneur myself, I joined the program with an open-mind.

I thought I could learn something that could help me with my business, but I was wrong.

Simply saying, the products have no retail value.

Food for thought…

Normally, to sell a product, you can leverage on its benefits to convince others.

But, with Prosperity of Life, you are basically selling people an opportunity, not a product.

You see, why would any entrepreneur need a mindset training from people whom we don’t know?

As an entrepreneur, we would follow people like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Shetty or John C Maxwell, because we know they are the real deal.

Why would we spend thousands of dollars following someone we don’t know, we would rather spend that money on a seminar conducted by Tony Robbins or Gary Vanerchaek.

What’s your opinion on this? Share it in the comments section.

Why Entrepreneurs will not buy this!

With an operating business, would you have the time to consume hours upon hours of training just to “train your mind”?

I don’t know about you, but I only need a few minutes a day to keep myself motivated.

I watch inspiring videos on YouTube every morning.

And, if I want to spend time training myself, I would rather spend it on training that actually help with my business.

Also, I definitely wouldn’t have the time to “learn how to promote the Prosperity of Life”.

You can say that there is a branding course called “21-Day BreakThrough Branding System” that’ll help my business.

But, is it worth spending $1,497 on people who are not well-known in the branding industry?

If I need help for my business, I’d rather spend that money on Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer, because I know he is the real deal.

And, it doesn’t cost thousands to gain that knowledge.

I’ll be honest, if the Prosperity of Life products are cheaper (say $97), and the training sessions do not “beat around the bush”, it makes perfect sense to join.

If you want to charge a large amount of money in a specific topic, wouldn’t it make sense to proof that you are the real deal before anything else?

Now, we know that the products are super expensive just so that the people promoting it can earn a handsome commission.

The Prosperity of Life Products

M1: Master of Destinies 1

Master of Destinies is a 12 month home study program that supposedly transforms your current life into one that you desire.

It is said to be the big picture of your life transformation that brings you through 7 stages of transformation.

The 7 stages of transformation consist of:

  1. Know For Yourself
  2. Departure
  3. Decision
  4. Action
  5. Foundation
  6. Sovereignty
  7. Influence

This program also teaches you how to be an effective leader for your organization.

As a bonus, you’ll get a crash course for personal transformation called the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System Home Study program.

Guess what, you don’t need to pay $2,285 for M1 (Masters of Destinies 1), just pay $95 for it here (Thanks to me, now it’s gone!). 

Prosperity of Life Scam - Pathway - M1 - Master of Destinies 1

I guess Shane Krider forgot to remove his digital footprints. Now that I’ve highlighted it, it is removed.

Now, you know what the true value of this program is.

Can I safely say that the inflated price of the course is just for the sake of enticing its members to promote the program.

Think about it, would you rather earn $76 (80% commission for selling M1 at $95) or to earn $1,828 (80% commission for selling M1 at $2,285)?

M2: Master of Destinies 2 – Sovereignty Live

This is a 5 day live event where it touches on one of the transformation stages mentioned in the M1, which is “Sovereignty”.

Master of Destinies 2 (M2) is held 4 times in a year, and it cost $7,950 for each seminar.

This is basically a wealth creation Masterclass, and you can probably guess one of the methods of wealth creation that is taught in this Masterclass.

Have you guessed it right?

“Promoting the products of Prosperity of Life”

Any M2 that you sell can potentially earn you a Director Bonus of $5,000.

You do not immediately qualify for this Director Bonus, even if you’ve purchased the product.

I’ll explain how you can actually get qualified to earn this bonus in the next section.

This applies to whatever products that you sold in the Prosperity of Life.

M3: Master of Destinies 3 – Influence Live

This is a 8 day live event where it touches on the final stage of the transformation mentioned in the M1 (Influence).

You’ll learn advanced personal development and coaching techniques that will help you with your Prosperity of Life business.

Maybe the knowledge that you gain in this seminar can be applied to your other businesses.

But, is it worth paying $12,950 for that “life-changing” knowledge? I’ll let you decide.

If you are a Prosperity of Life associate, and you manage to sell someone an M3 event ticket, you can potentially earn a Director Bonus of $8,000.

More about the compensation plan in the next section. Shocking reality revealed!

M4: Master of Destinies 4

If you are interested to get the recording of the event that you’ve attended, you’ve got to pay for it.

How much? $1,495!

You would have thought that your payment to either of the live events includes a recorded session.

But, no! They want more from you.

You see, I’ve been to live seminars and I know how important it is to get a recorded version of it.

There is definitely a demand.

And, seeing the way Shane and Rachel Krider takes advantage of this demand, shows very much about their integrity.

M7: Master of Destinies 7

This is the training vault of all past seminar recordings.

This cost $4,590, and members who managed to sell M7 will potentially earn $3,672.

M7 Fast Track

M7 Fast Track contains everything in M1 plus M7.

The package price is $6,250, and members who managed to sell this package can potentially earn $5,000.

Prosperity of Life Compensation Plan – How to qualify to earn?

You won’t believe what you are going to hear in this section.

Even though you’ve spent thousands of dollars to unlock either of the training programs mentioned above, you are not immediately qualified to earn a commission from that product sale.

What happens is, once you’ve paid for either of the products, you will get the “in-qualification” status.

What it means is that you have to pass up the first 2 product sales.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say that you’ve purchased the M2, you now attain the “in-qualification” status. You are being put under your “director’s M2 register”.

To make things simple, let’s forget about the register.

Once you’ve bought M2, you got out there and started to promote the Prosperity of Life.

After all that hard work, you’ve finally gotten someone to purchase the M2 membership.

Do you get the commission? No!

Then, you got out there once again to find another eager buyer, and now you’ve gotten another person who has bought an M2 membership.

Do you finally get paid? No!

Go out there and find 1 more! This time round you’ll get paid.

So, you’ll only earn a commission on the 3rd sale.

But, what if someone you’ve recruited buys M3, but you don’t own the product?

That commission will be passed up. You’ll only get paid for the products that you own.

Now, what do you think about this compensation plan?

To me, it’s extremely tough to earn! Finding 1 person to buy such a high ticket product (with a vague focus on personal development) is already very tough.

What do you think about this compensation plan? Is it easy for you to earn with this opportunity? Share your opinion with me in the comments section below.

Prosperity of Life Product Breakdown

Now, let me break down the price list for Prosperity of Life’s products:

Prosperity of Life - Product Pricing

Trust Issues

Prosperity of Life trust issues

Would you prefer to send money directly to the company, or would you prefer to send money to an individual’s bank account?

I don’t know about you, but I am not comfortable trusting my money with my sponsor.

What if my sponsor quits the business after I gave the money?

What legal actions will Prosperity of Life take?

My Sincere Advice to You

Prosperity of Life is very similar to the Liberty League, a known pyramid scheme ran by Shane Krider back in 2009.

Many people are promised to earn a life changing income with Prosperity of Life.

Unfortunately, the majority who spent tens of thousands of dollars on the products, did not earn a single dime.

What I didn’t like about Shane Krider is that he made it sound so easy to earn money from Prosperity of Life.

In one of the compensation plan video, he said that you should be grateful that you are passing up the first 2 sale to your sponsor, because that model will allow you to earn pass up sales from your enrollees in the future.

Unfortunately, by the time I get to earn a qualified commission, I’d probably be out of business.

Who is going to pay the bill while waiting for the cheque to come?

Also, while watching one of the training videos, Shane Krider actually commented that you should not be questioning your sponsor (director) on what they are asking you to do.

Even if it is to pay $12,950 for the M3 event ticket that you may or may not need. 

That’s the message I am getting from him.

In my opinion, I will stay away from this program.

What I recommend?

I don’t wish to recommend any products or programs to you on this review, because I just want to share the facts. That’s all!

But, if you’d like to chat with me you can do so here.

I honestly believe that you should not waste your hard earn money on programs that may not get you anywhere.

Join programs that will actually teach you something useful (like internet marketing), so that even if you fail, you’ve gained knowledge and experience that will help you be successful eventually.

Thank you for reading this review!

I hope this has provided you with the information that you need.

Please share this review on Facebook and Twitter to help prevent people from joining this program.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below as well.

Your pal,


About the Author

Jack is an experienced online marketer who would like to extend his help to whomever wants to learn more about building a successful online business. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Read more about Jack and here...

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John - Reply

Hi I read your pol that keep emailing me all the time to sign up I sead to them it sounds like priarmid selling to me it sound good. but to good to be true so iam looking to start up on line business shot can u recommend for me iam a stay home dad can u help me out Thanks john

Bettie - Reply

Been on the fence about joining POL for the past month. Have always had an entrepreneur spirit and thought this could be my big break, but after finding your review I am choosing differently. I have a dropshipping business atm, but am unsure how to be successful with it. I will look into the link you provided for ninja dropshipping. Thanks for all your honesty, I appreciate it.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Glad that my review helped Bettie!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Harry - Reply

Hey Jack, I just found your site while researching Prosperity of Life and I’ve now got about 10 tabs open reading your various articles! Very interesting and useful info, thanks so much!!

I must admit I’m just a bit confused though… if you think most people in Prosperity of Life are struggling to make sales and exaggerate their success, wouldn’t we have heard from hundreds (if not thousands) of their ex-employees by now? I mean, from what I gather the business (in this format) has been around for about 8 or 9 years now, if it was so hard to make back the $5-10k I understand it costs to “buy in” and also make sales on top of that, I would think within 6-12 months most people would have realised the business was a scam and be posting their experience online? Know what I mean?

Also, I hate to play devil’s advocate here, but doesn’t the value of an item differ from person to person? An iPhone might mean the world to one person, but to someone who hates Apple they might refuse to even use it.. I just mean that while you say the product has little to no retail value, that’s from your – already educated – point of view. To someone who knows nothing about what their product is teaching, isn’t it entirely possible that the idea of not having to spend hours and hours scouring the internet for the best teachings in every single one of the points covered by their product, and just having everything provided in a simple to follow package, is well worth the investment?

I haven’t signed up with them yet, but to be honest I am considering it.. If the product appeals to certain people and they find value in it, why not make money with it too?

At this point I’m open to any suggestions, but Prosperity of Life is looking good… I am curious though about your comment above, “if you’d like me to introduce you to a legitimate program that is worth your time, do let me know”. Would you mind contacting me about this please?

Thanks again Jack 🙂

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Harry,

    Like the two person who contacted me (see the article above) and didn’t want to be named, they rather keep their experience for themselves if it would mean that their identity will be compromised.

    These people built up a relationship with the Prosperity of Life distributors, and they didn’t want the distributors to find out that they didn’t have a positive experience.

    That’s why so many people are keeping it to themselves. There are also many reasons for not coming out to the public as well.

    Like for example, people blame themselves for not becoming successful and they feel shameful to share their experience, or they are just too worried that their comment will leave a negative remark on their reputation.

    There are really many reasons. Does that clear out your confusion?

    When I review a program, the first and most important thing that I look at is whether or not the program will lead you to somewhere. And, most importantly, if you ever fail in the business, will you take away some valuable lessons that will help you become successful in the future.

    Unfortunately, I feel that the training program only teaches you how to have a positive mindset, as well as teaching you how to promote just the prosperity of life, and nothing else. It will not teach you how to promote other products available on the internet. That’s just my personal opinion after assessing what is in the program. And, I definitely wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars learning how to promote prosperity of life.

    Well, if you think that you need to instill positive mindset, why not follow Gary V, Tony Robbins, or Jay Shetty. These are the people who actually impacted millions of people, and they don’t charge an upscale of ten thousand dollars for their seminar.

    The final decision is always yours. My job is to inform, and whether or not you take my advice, is totally up to you. 🙂

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Ian Rance - Reply

I read your post about Prosperity of Life which basically gets you into their funnel with the promise of an online business model (franchise) and then tries to get you to buy a product you were not looking for in the first place. Note that it does not go anywhere in the direction of solving the problem that you entered the funnel to solve.

Then I learn the ‘opportunity’ is to sell that product using ads to get other people into that funnel and sell THEM products that they did not want in the first place.

I am not saying it won’t work but I am not happy trying to earn money by tricking people. Having been defrauded in real life and had my family and life destroyed as a result, just strengthened my resolve to demand authenticity and ensure whatever I do has something valuable to offer a buyer shelling out their hard earned cash. Making people pay for the ‘opportunity’ to market a non-valuable product to the next sucker just to make money is not an honourable pastime in my book.

Bringing value is authenticity which should be making the world go around. My advice would be to keep searching for a product that has value to the buyer as well as yourself as promoter. I know it’s hard but it’s not impossible.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Ian,

    Thank for sharing your thoughts on Prosperity of Life!

    I am sure this will help people understand what the program is all about.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)


Hello Jack
My ex wife got into POL about 5 months ago and is so very excited with it and apparently doing well signing up newbies.
She is also excited to head to Thailand soon as part of the 6 pack experience where you stay with Shane & Rachel.
They will also be doing professional
Videos and photos.
What is the cost for this 6 pack experience ?
Why is she having great success with POL and others bas it as a scam ?

    Jack Cao - Reply

    I think it cost above $10,000 for that experience.

    Well, maybe you are looking at the surface, and it seems that your ex wife is doing very well.

    But, in fact, she could be struggling to recoup her initial investment.

    This happen very often, because people who are trying to recruit others will usually exaggerate their “success”. This gets people interested in the business opportunity.

    I’m pretty sure she won’t post her struggles and the problems she is encountering, because it diverts people away from the biz op.

    This is kind of a strategy used in many pyramid schemes.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Dawn R McLaughlin - Reply

I was skeptical of this program as soon as I began watching the videos. Thank you for sharing your opinion and honestly! I am looking at starting my own at home based business. I have considered Shopify and I have read a great deal about it. What are your thoughts??

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Dawn,

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Shopify dropshipping is one of the popular route to make money online.

    But it means that you need to find resources, talk to suppliers, negotiate deals, etc. It is going to be tough, and many don’t make it (much like any business).

    So, I’d advise that you find a mentor or a course to help you streamline the process. Check out this program, have you heard of it?

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Trish - Reply

Thanks Jack….Warning bells sounded off as soon as I saw the adds on facebook. To explore this scam further I spoke to a person on the phone who gave me the BIG SELL! Up to $100k’s a year, for 10-15 hours a week blah..blah..blah. I watched the 6 videos – and what a load of crap.. You would expect a company to sell the product before the business. Just imagine the people they have enticed into their rubbish and the millions they’ve made preying on peoples vulnerabilities. Am glad I have strong alarm bells that sound off in me! You confirmed this further and thanks.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Trish,

    Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

    I am glad that this review helped!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Krystal - Reply

Thanks so much Jack.
I was contacted about this business and I watched all 6 videos. I was skeptical and unsure so I looked up reviews and found yours. I won’t be going with the company now.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    You are most welcome Krystal! I’m glad this review helped.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

John - Reply

“Those reviews you see out there that are claiming Legendary Marketer as a scam are probably those who didn’t dive deep into the program, and I am quite certain that they are trying to sell something else to you”

lol that extract right out of your legendary marketer review is exactly what you are doing with this prosperity of kife review here.

Talking down a company to get people into legendary marketer.

I have to be honest though. Both prosperity of life and legendary marketer are great companies with great products.

And if you know how the universe really works, what goes around comes around. It wont be long before being negative about another company will come back and bite you right in the ass.

The unfortunate thing is you’ll probably delete this comment because its not going to help you with making sales in legendary marketer. And I right Jack?

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey John,

    Nope, I won’t delete this comment and you know why? Because I stand for what I said about both programs.

    I have personally tried both programs, and I share my true opinion without any fluff. I’ll share with you exactly what it is, whether or not you take my opinion seriously, the final decision is up to you.

    At the end of the day, I know that I have done my best to inform.

    Would you prefer if I told you that Prosperity of Life is an awesome and amazing program when I didn’t like it at all? Wouldn’t that be telling a lie?

    I don’t know, between being honest (but talking down a company) or lying just to earn a quick buck. Which one would you prefer I do?

    I prefer to stay true to my opinion, and I am sure most people will appreciate that.

    Let me guess, you are one of the members of Prosperity of Life? I am sure.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Kat - Reply

You said you could introduce someone to legitimate programs that are worth their time. What might those be? And how are they different from prosperity of life?

    Jack Cao - Reply

    For the benefit of the people on the online community, I will not share any links to any programs here. I have taken down all if not any affiliate links on this post. If you are interested to learn about legitimate programs, feel free to contact me on Facebook.

    Thank you!
    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Jeanine Armillotta - Reply

Hi I was wondering what you recommend for someone who would like to build a profitable business online? I looked into affiliate marketing with GAZ and saw too many bad reviews… also interested in possibly dropshipping with Shopify.

Any information would be great!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Jeanine,

    There are basically 3 main routes to earn money online. But, if you are totally new, you need to educate yourself through a course that provides you with a systematic approach to success.

    1. Affiliate Marketing – For your info, GAZ is not affiliate marketing, its Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) instead, they made it look like affiliate marketing. The best course that I recommend for affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.
    2. Multi-Level Marketing – Like GAZ which promotes the products of Enagic. MLM companies will usually require you to buy products from them, and you will become a distributor for that company. More than 95% of the people fail in this type of business because of the lack of training and support. If you want to win in this opportunity, I would recommend that you start with this course instead.
    3. E-Commerce – As you’ve pointed out, creating a shopify store (dropshipping) or you can build a Amazon FBA business. For dropshipping, I recommend this course, and for Amazon FBA, I recommend this.
    4. Trading and Investment – This comes with risk, and if you are interested, I recommend that you start here.

    Let me know which works for you.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Melissa - Reply

I want to thank you for your help. I was contacted by Prosperity of Life to work for them. I am working for online work and I research before I give my money away and came across your article I am looking for assistance making money online. Our life style makes it hard for me to work 9-5 in a building. My Husband is a travel nurse. Thank you so much I look forward to hearing from you.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hey Melissa,

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    Could Affiliate Marketing be the answer for you? Let me know if this works, if not, I’ll recommend others to you.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Juliet Rickard - Reply

Thanks Jack.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    You are most welcome Juliet!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Jeanie - Reply

Thanks for the honest review Jack! 😃 really appreciate it. Would you say it is similar to the Kangan water/GAZ opportunity? As even though they actually have a product to sell, they focus more on selling the ‘opportunit’ Of making money… I’m seeing some similarities.


    Jack Cao - Reply

    There are similarities between those programs, but at least I would say that the Kangen Water from Enagic does have retail value.

    In my opinion, Enagic is a legitimate Direct Selling company, but Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) gives a bad name to the company.

    Prosperity of Life on the other hand has little to no retail value and they charge exorbitant amount of money for extravaganzas (which has no purpose or focus).

    I’ll stay away from Prosperity of Life if I was you.

    On the other hand, if you’d like me to introduce you to a legitimate program that is worth your time, do let me know.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

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