Is Jeunesse Global a Scam? – In my opinion No, but…

Jeunesse-mainName:  Jeunesse Global
Price: $29.95 + $250 and many other products
Owners: Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis

Bare Naked Scam rating: 3 Thumbs Down


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What is Jeunesse Global?

Everyone wants to look young and beautiful, it has been a dream for most, and Jeunesse Global is here to provide you with that solution.

To look young and beautiful with Jeunesse, you need to purchase a full range of its products (Brand Name: Luminesce), and to follow its guided steps below:

  • Jeunesse-luminesce-productsStep 1: Purify your skin with the “Youth Restoring Cleanser ($50)”
  • Step 2: Apply the “Cellular Rejuvenation Serum ($143)” which will reduce your wrinkles
  • Step 3: Apply the “Protective ($77) and Repairing ($108) Serum”. This will protect your skin from harmful rays during the day and repair your skin in the night.
  • Step 4: Drink a pack of “Reserve ($143 for 30 Sachets)” every day. This will supercharge your internal systems and the key ingredient is “Resveratrol“. A pack a day helps you maintain a healthier immune system, make you feel younger, and live longer – So they say.
  • Step 5: Take one “AM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the morning and one “PM supplement pill ($75 for 60 pills)” in the evening. This will help to combat the science of aging and help cells in the body function properly
  • Step 6: Drink a pack of “Propectin ($199 for 30 Sachets)” to detox your internal systems. It filters impurities and it eliminates dangerous heavy metal intoxicant from your body.
  • Step 7: Take a “Finiti ($162 for 120 pills)” pill a day. This will help to maintain healthy stem cells.

Together, all these products are called the “YES (Youth enhancement system)”, and together, it cost a fortune.

Remember, you have to purchase those products on a monthly or quarterly basis, just to upkeep yourself.

Well, I am not a doctor, and a doctor would probably not verify the effectiveness of YES. So, can YES actually make you look younger and prettier?

You may probably experience some positive effects with “YES” anyway, due to several ingredients in the products that are naturally good for health, but you are definitely paying a premium for it.

I personally believe that health, youth and beauty comes from within.

You do not need expensive supplements or skin care products, but you need to have the discipline to eat healthy meals regularly, exercise regularly, and eat fruits that have antioxidants, like strawberries and blackberries.

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Is the Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity worth trying?

You may be thinking that the Jeunesse products are so attractive that it can be sold easily, and that there will be a huge demand flocking to you to buy the products.

This is basically what your upline or sponsor will tell you.

But unfortunately, that is not the case.

If the Jeunesse products are so popular, every distributor would have been loaded with cash, but why do 95 percent of its distributors fail in the business?

Jeunesse-opportunityThe reason is simple, in this kind of opportunity where Multilevel Marketing is its business model, people who join the business will get a different kind of support and different kinds of sales strategies.

Most importantly, many people who joined the Jeunesse opportunity are not told that it is actually a sales position, and they are definitely not ready to become a salesperson.

Your upline or sponsor probably did not share with you that you need to be a great salesperson in order to be successful in the business.

Well, nobody is born to be a salesperson. A successful salesperson is one who is being cultivated through experience and guidance, and it also requires one who is self-motivated and headstrong.

If you fall into a Jeunesse team Global which do not offer strong support or leadership, you are bound to fail.

As you probably know, being a salesperson, you are bound to face a lot of rejections and you need to have a “thick skin” to promote your products.

Many people thought that Jeunesse’s products are great and they do not require selling and convincing, but it is not true.

People (i.e. customers) are not prone to accept change, you will need great convincing skills to make your sale, and if your sale didn’t go through, you will be demoralized and worst of all, your relationship with your customer (most likely your friend or family) will be dampened.

Most new distributors are not willing to face that kind of rejection, and often they gave up on the opportunity.

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Is Jeunesse Global a Scam?

Honestly speaking, though many people on the internet claims that Jeunesse is a scam, but I thought differently.

I think Jeunesse is a legitimate company, and has a strong presence in the “Anti-Ageing” market.

Those people who called Jeunesse Global a scam are probably those who did not have a great experience with the business opportunity or with its products.

Let’s face the fact that the Jeunesse products are not suitable for everyone. The effect of the product will vary with the person’s skin type, genetic combination, etc.

Some people claimed that they started to get irritation and rashes on their skin after using the products of Jeunesse, while some definitely saw positive effects after several dosage of the products.

So, in this situation where there are 2 sides of the coin, who can you trust on the effectiveness of the product? The answer is No one, but yourself!

You have to try it to know if it works for you, and this is the most important when you join the business opportunity, because you can never convince someone else when the products didn’t convince you.

The Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

My Sincere Advice to You

You see, I have tried and tested many opportunities personally, from Multilevel Marketing to Trading to selling insurance to Affiliate Marketing.

I can safely say that I have tested almost all of the opportunities out there, so I can probably give an advice or two with regard to whether you can make any money with Jeunesse.

To be successful in Jeunesse, you need to be a great salesperson, and you need to have the ability to face tonnes of rejection. If you are ready for that, Good!

But, if you are not, I would highly suggest that you avoid joining Jeunesse, more often than not, you will fail.

If Jeunesse is not for you, then what is?

Well, I can’t affirm that, but I can share with you how I found myself a lucrative online business without having to do cold calls, recruit, or canvass.

The place that got me started on my journey to success is this program.

This is the best place to get started because you can learn how to start an online business based on your own passion (no restrictions), and you get step-by-step guide to build your business (No experience require). I would highly suggest that you check this program out.

As always, if you have any comments or you would like to share your experience with Jeunesse Global, I welcome you to do so. All you have to do is to leave your comments below.

It would also help if you share this article with your friends and family by clicking the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) below. Who knows that your friends or relative is looking for information on Jeunesse.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to speak with you soon.

Your pal,


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Ian Neil - Reply

Can you Make review on Mary Kay?

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Sure. I can do that. I’ll let you know when the review is up.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Chris - Reply

My wife has recently joined this MLM outfit. We are pensioners and live in bulgaria the poorest country in the EU. I cant make my wife understand that here, even though a very select few do make money from this that she has no chance of success. Many people have low wages and pensioners have a very poor income Usually under 200 BGN (100 Euros) a month.

This product is saleable in my home country, the UK but bulgaria absolutely not. People should always look not only at the product, but demographics, incomes and etc. MLM companies never tell this to new registrants. My advicd to anyone thinking of MLM should not only look at the comapne and products prices but the saleability in your country of residence. Think before you jump in.

Imen Yac - Reply

Thank you for your message. Somebody from Jeneusse contacted me to suggest I join their team but I was a bit skeptical. Your review told me everything I needed to know.

Cassandra K. - Reply

The illiteracy in this post should be enough to make most intelligent people steer clear:

1) “super charge your internal systems.” Which ‘internal systems’ are you referring to, and how does one ‘super-charge’ them? What does it mean for a system to be ‘super-charged’?

2) “combat the science of aging.” This one isn’t even coherent. I think you meant to say “combat aging,” but the fact that you didn’t bother to check before you posted says a lot.

3) “detox your internal systems. It filters impurities and it eliminates dangerous heavy metal intoxicant from your body.”
So, first I am somehow ‘super-charging’ my ‘internal systems’ (as though I was a battery), and now I’m ‘detoxing’ them. ProPectin™ is just apple pectin — and there’s very little data on its use as a chelating agent for heavy metals. Its only reliable use is as an anti-diarrheal agent, as it increases stool volume. MLMs are notorious for making up elaborate claims about their products.

4) FINITI is just dried fruit and vegetable powder, goosed with artificial vitamin A.
TA-65 MD® has shown little effect on *telomeres* (NOT stem cells) in double-blind trials.

These are classic signs of a scam: an overpriced product. Claims about the product are outrageous and hard to prove. Lots of enthusiasm about the “amazing” program, without much to back it up.

The only way to succeed at in an MLM program is to start one (or be in the first level of the program’s ‘recruits’). If you join any time later, the moment you pay for your grotesquely-overpriced ‘starter packet,’ you have done everything the MLM needs you to do.

MLMs function by finding new, gullible people to buy their ‘starter packets.’ Any other sales you make for them before you drop out (and you WILL eventually drop out) is just gravy for them.

Akoli - Reply

I’ve been seeing posts all around Facebook concerning this product. The first thing which attracted me to the post was the French word used: “Jeunesse” which means youth. I read one of the posts but never thought of registering because I no longer want to run from onz shiny object to the other. I have WA and that is enough for the moment. However I will say thanks for showing us what Jeunesse really is. If there is more to say, it is that you have helped people make informed decisions about this business. Thanks!

Darren - Reply

Another highly informative post, Jack. Love reading your thoughts on some of the potential scams proliferating the internet. It’s information that’s good to know.

Sara - Reply

I’m sorry, but Jeunesse is a network, direct sales business, and for what I understood, never want or assume to be other than that! Their products are pricey? So what? Well, consider the fact that they were developed by an Nobel prized award doctor, no wonders…never heard the saying “you can’t make omelets without eggs?”. But the worse, is putting a business like this in a “scam” review, just because is an MLM or whatever, or because the products are pricey…Do you know the meaning of a “scam”??? I’m not a Jeneusse anything…yet, but after your comment, I went look for them, and I think you can’t talk about scam.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Sara,

    I think you did not read my article properly. I did mention that Jeunesse is not a scam. The rating is for the protection of hopeful beginners, where an individual need to know the difficulty level of the opportunity. Jeunesse falls into one of the most difficult business opportunity to succeed in and henceforth the rating.

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Jimmy - Reply

    And what did you find out?

Nigel - Reply

Great honest opinion Jack. I suspect it’s like most things, you have to work pretty hard at it to pay dividends.
I must admit, for people reading this review, I’d follow Jacks advice and check out his No.1 recommendation. Cheers

PAULA - Reply

Thank you for this review, I personally have not heard of Jeunesse but when I hear MLM then alarm bells start ringing, I was involved once in a MLM and even though the products were good they were way overpriced I had no success with it but the people at the top did. It’s not hard nowadays to buy cheap cream, bottle it up and put a nice label on it and sell it as something special, from my experience I would not get involved with MLM again and like you said there are better ways of making money online
Regards Paula

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