The Winners & the losers

WINNERS: Top Ranking Internet Marketing Education

Rank Logo Name Bare Naked Scam Rating Bare Naked Scam’s Review
1st wealthy-affiliate-logo Wealthy Affiliate wealthy-affiliate-rating (small) wealthy-affiliate-review
2nd fizzle-review Fizzle Fizzle-rating fizzle-review
3rd chris-farrell-membership-logo Chris Farrell Membership Chris-Farrell-Membership-rating chris-farrell-review
4th Affilorama-logo Affilorama Affilorama-rating affilorama-review


LOSERS: Most Sexiest Scams Alive

Rank Logo Name Bare Naked Scam Rating Bare Naked Scam’s Review
1st empower-network-logo Empower Network empower-network-scam-rating Empower-network-review
2nd Web-fortune-master-logo Web Fortune Master Web-fortune-master-rating-small web-fortune-master-review
3rd WAH-university-logo-small Work At Home University WAH-university-rating-small Work-at-home-university-review
4th world-ventures-logo-small World Ventures Coffee-Shop-Millionaire-rating-small World Ventures Review
5th internet-lifestyle-network-logo-small Internet Lifestyle Network internet-lifestyle-network-rating-small Internet-Lifestyle-Network-review

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Neil - Reply

Hi Jack

Cool! I love the way you’ve laid this page out and it’s awesome to see these programs compared with each other side-by-side. Personally, I’ve tried affilorama but I found it boring, I got sucked in to the Empower Network SCAM and lost a lot of money + NO results in return…

But the clear winner is the Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend WA to anyone looking to start up an online business from the ground upwards 😉


    Robert - Reply

    Hi Jack

    Surely blogging is fun and as time passes and you become better at it, it gets even more enjoyable

    Jack Cao - Reply

    That’s true Robert! It becomes a good habit and I am enjoying it!

    Hope blogging is doing well for you too!

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

    Robert - Reply

    Hi Jack,

    Awesome review ,Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to begin when it comes to earning a living online . The great advantage of it really is that you can begin a free Starter account that provides you everything required to get started . At least you can go and set up your profile and check out the site to see if it can help you .

    Thanks for your post

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks Robert! Hope you are having a great time in Wealthy Affiliate. You can communicate with me in Wealthy Affiliate at

harry - Reply

I have been unable to register for Wealthy Affiliate for some days now. Each time I tried registering, I get the message, “Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!”. But I know I have never registered so I don’t have an account with them. I had to get a new e-mail address today to enable me register, but I still get the same response every time I tried registering. What could be problem, please I would really like to register.

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Hi Harry, it could have been some IP address conflicts that is restricting your access. I have contacted the owners (Kyle and Carson) to create an account for you. Please standby and I’ll email your login details as soon as available.


Denise - Reply

Hello Jack.

I agree with Neil…the way this page is designed makes it a very easy to use yet powerful resource. As you know, I’m very impressed with your site overall so I’ll be back soon.

Keep up the great work,

Cindy - Reply

Jack, You are providing a great service here! When I first made the decision to start my own business online, I knew that I needed to learn to do this first. As retired psychiatric nurse/counselor, I have years of experience with people trying to “scam” me. Sometime, a person was lying to his or herself and just sharing this false belief with me. Other times, a person just outright lied. So during my research into programs to help me learn how to create a business, I ran into many scams. These are the criteria that I used:

Did the site promise riches or show images of luxury items?
Were descriptions about what was offered vague?
Did the site want upfront money before I could enter and check it out?

When I search for reviews on a program, what did I get? Why, I site that wanted to “sell” me on some program. I became frustrated as a result. Good thing I am tenacious.

Your site provides the kind of information that is actually useful to visitors. Thanks!

    Jack Cao - Reply

    Thanks Cindy! These are the criteria that I’ve used as well. If you are interested to know how I classify scams, you can visit the following page that I’ve created:

    But I’m pretty sure you have the knowledge to keep yourself from scams by now. 🙂

    ~Jack (BareNakedScam)

Derrick Garcia - Reply

Hi Jack,
Wow, great site…I like the way you put this together. It’s different and very creative!!

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