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Name: The Super Affiliate Network

Description: There's a good amount of people who sing praises for the Super Affiliate Network, while there are people who says something else is better. Who is speaking the truth and who can you trust? In this SAN review, I will share with you the deep insights behind those claims as well as the stuff that the SAN teaches (Advanced 360 degree overview included).

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I bet you’ve read a lot of The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) reviews before seeing this, and if this is your first SAN review that you’ve read, that’s fine as well because you’ll get to know everything about SAN in this review.

One thing I promise is that I won’t beat around the bush, and I will give you my honest opinion about the program.

Here is general consensus around different networks (YouTube and Google)…

On YouTube, you’ll see a lot of SAN members promoting the program and giving positive testimonials, saying that SAN is the best thing that happen in their life.

While on Google Search, you’ll find a lot of non-SAN members saying that this program is legit, but they don’t recommend it because the program has a lot of upsells.

Then, they will try to promote other programs like Wealthy Affiliate or AWOL Academy.

I’ll be honest with you, any of these programs that you join, whether it is The Super Affiliate Network, Wealthy Affiliate or AWOL Academy, has the potential to earn you money online.

But the real problem is, people don’t stick around long enough to reap the rewards.

Everybody is chasing opportunities after opportunities, thinking that the next opportunity will be a better one.

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The Real Truth Behind the Gossip of The Super Affiliate Network

Now, I will share with you why reviewers on YouTube will promote The Super Affiliate Network and why reviewers (the webmasters/website owners) that ranked in Search Engines will promote other programs.

Let’s talk about the YouTube reviewers first…

This is part of the training program in The Super Affiliate Network where they will teach you how to generate traffic from social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

The-Super-Affiliate-Network-ProductsHowever, the main focus of The Super Affiliate Network isn’t about building an authority website and getting organic traffic from Search Engines like Google.

Honestly, getting traffic from YouTube and Facebook is much easier than getting traffic from Search Engines.

It is easier to set up a Social Media profile and build content around it, than to set up a website and getting ranked for it, don’t you agree?

So, people who are a part of the SAN will obviously want to promote the program, because firstly, they believe that the program works for them and everyone else, and secondly, they can earn a commission when they refer you to the program. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Now you see why there is an incentive to create a positive review about the SAN on Social Media Networks.

Back to the webmasters who’ve built websites to get ranked in Search Engines like Google.

Obviously, they didn’t get the training from the SAN, but they’ve got success through other programs.

Them getting their websites ranked on Google Searches shows a small part of their success through their training somewhere else.

So, they have an incentive to drive traffic through Google search terms like “The Super Affiliate Network Review” or “The Super Affiliate Network Scam”, and they will “convince” you that the program which made them successful, is the best solution for you, not SAN.

And, if you join the program that the webmasters recommend, they will earn a commission through their promotion efforts. This is Affiliate Marketing as well.

So, who is right and who is wrong? Honestly, nobody is right or wrong, both sides have good reasons to promote their programs.

As I’ve mentioned, whatever programs that you join, as long as they do provide high quality training and support, it can potentially earn you money.

The problem is, people don’t stick around long enough, and they are not consistent with their efforts.

*The Big Difference between The Super Affiliate Network and other programs will be discussed below.

I’ll be honest as well, I achieved success through Wealthy Affiliate, not because it is an awesome training platform (which it is), but because  I was consistent.

But, being a Wealthy Affiliate member, it doesn’t mean that I will trash other programs just to get you to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, unless the program is really a trash.

Don’t worry, SAN is not in the “Trash”category.

I will share with you things that you need to know about the program in order to make an informed decision.

The Real Super Affiliate Network Review

Now that the truth is out there, let’s take a look at what you’ll get with the SAN membership.

The Super Affiliate Network’s focus is on driving paid traffic through social media networks, solo-ads and email marketing,and  not so much about building Authority Sites and driving free organic traffic from Search Engines.

If you compare the stuff that SAN teaches to what Wealthy Affiliate and AWOL Academy teaches, you’ll see a BIG difference in terms of the promotional methods.

Honestly, the stuff that SAN teaches is definitely much enticing than the rest.

The reason is because there is a chance that you may make money almost instantly.

Let me break this down for you…

In the SAN, the make money concept will look like this:


Basically, 90% of the work is done-for-you because the SAN has created an automated sales funnel, and all you have to do is to send the right traffic to the sales funnel.

The SAN focuses on driving paid traffic because it is the fastest and the least effort.

And, because of the high barriers to entry, the members are geared towards promoting the SAN membership rather than any other affiliate products.

Now, the concept of the promotion methods Wealthy Affiliate and AWOL Academy teaches looks like this:


Obviously, it will take much more time to set up your website and earn money through the methods of Wealthy Affiliate and AWOL Academy, but it cost a lot cheaper than the methods of the SAN.

The contrast of both methods of making money online can be summarized into this table:

The Super Affiliate Network

Wealthy Affiliate and AWOL Academy

High Monetary Investment

Low Monetary Investment

Lesser Effort Required

Consistent Effort Required

Short Term Gains

Long Term Gains

No Restrictions to promote other products (But members are geared towards promoting SAN due to the high cost of membership)

No Restrictions

Read the Wealthy Affiliate Review and make an informed decision!

The Super Affiliate Network Walk Through


Every new SAN member will go through the same steps.

Upon signing up to the membership, you’ll automatically be assigned to a coach who is there to guide you through the system.

You’ll receive an email from your coach shortly after you signed up.

And, the system is designed so that you’ll constantly be in contact with your coach.

The training is Bootcamp style, which means that you’ll have to go through a step-by-step process.

The content of the Bootcamp is not fed to you all at once, but it is drip fed to you based on your personal progress with the system.

Each Module you’ve gone through will require you to contact your coach, and if your coach thinks that you are ready to move on to the next module, you’ll be given a password to unlock the next module.

This is good in a way because you will not feel overwhelmed, but at the same time, for people who are hungry to learn stuff and to take immediate action will feel a little frustrated.

What will you learn and how much does it cost to join the Super Affiliate Network?

  1. The-Super-Affiliate-Network-Membership-Area-MonthlyThe Super Affiliate Network Membership ($37 per month or $1 trial + $47 per month) – Consist of 21 Modules which is separated into 3 phases. It teaches you about mindset, psychology, selling, list building, automation, email marketing.
  2. The Premium Membership ($97 one time fee – Upsell at checkout) – teaches the “Solo Ad Success Formula” that goes deeper into email marketing and finding the right solo ad provider.
  3. The Super Affiliate Monthly ($47 one time fee – Upsell at checkout) – A monthly video newsletter hosted by Misha Wilson where he will show you up-to-date marketing strategies
  4. The Pro Membership ($2,497 one time fee) – You’ll gain access to every product mentioned above, and several courses created specifically for the Pro Membership, “Authority Hacking”, “Systematic Profits”, “Solo Ad Success Formula”, “Magnetic Selling Machine”, “Push Button Swipe File Collection” as well as the access to any future courses.
  5. Maui Intensive Mentoring ($12,497 one time fee) – 4 day event where you will get intensive training on how to build marketing funnels, webinar presentations, sales machines, emails and more.

What I didn’t like about the SAN: Solo Ads (My experience may differ from yours)

Solo Ad is a big part of the training in the SAN. It is basically a paid method to drive traffic to your offers.

I, for one, have taken part in a Solo Ad campaign in what most Marketers claimed to be the best Solo Ad provider on the market.

Problem is, I’ve spent $700 to $800 to buy 500 hits (not leads) to my landing page, and the Solo Ad provider  guarantees a 30% leads to my email list, which is 150 qualified leads.

I would say that my email marketing campaign converts at 10% with my own traffic methods, which means that out of 150 qualified leads, I should get around 15 sign ups.

However, I didn’t get a single signup from the Solo Ad leads.

What does it mean? It means that those leads are not highly targeted at all.

There’s definitely a risk when you sign up to a Solo Ad campaign because you wouldn’t know where the Solo Ad provider gets the traffic, and how the lead eventually landed on your email list.

In my opinion as an Internet Marketer, it is super important to understand how a lead gets in contact with your marketing materials, and where the lead is, in terms of the customers’ journey.

But, this is just my personal experience. Maybe the SAN can provide you with a comprehensive training to find the right Solo Ad provider?

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How much can you earn as a SAN Member?

Essentially, this is a pay to play type of compensation plan.

Which means that you have to own the product in order to earn the commission from that product sale.

But of course, you don’t have to go “all-in” and get the highest level of membership. That’s definitely not recommended.

As much as you are leaning towards the PRO membership or the Maui Intensive Coaching Program, I’ll suggest that you learn the stuff from the front end membership first, and start earning some money before taking the leap towards the higher tier products.

If the stuff in the front end membership doesn’t bring you the money, then why spend even more on that program, right?

People who join the PRO membership or the Maui Intensive Coaching Program should be those who are seeking to expand their business, not those who are just getting started, that’s my opinion.

However, if you think that the cost of the SAN PRO membership and the extravaganza is too much for you, and you’ll really want to learn the ropes of internet marketing, then I’ll suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate because there’s no upsell, and you’ll unlock every piece of advance internet marketing material all for one price.

My Sincere Opinion

If you are ready to spend a good sum of money (probably thousands of dollars on the Re-seller program and on driving paid traffic) to promote the SAN membership, then The Super Affiliate Network is the program for you.

You’ll have quality training and guidance from the program to earn back the money you’ve invested and to grow your business beyond.

My sincere opinion is that the Super Affiliate Network is a good program to join.

But as I’ve mentioned, in any kind of program that you join, you’ll need to stick around for a very long time, and put in consistent efforts in order to make things work.

Now, if you think that The Super Affiliate Network is not the program for you, and you want to build a business without spending a lot of money (but more effort required, guaranteed!), then I’ll suggest that you check out the Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate is the program that got me to eventually fire my boss after years of hard work. Here’s my story.

I hope that I’ve given you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Thank you so much for reading this review!

If you find this review helpful, please, help to share it by clicking on the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

And, if you wish to discuss more about The Super Affiliate Network or you’ll like to share your experience or opinion about the program, please, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Your pal,


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